Why You Should Play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – According to EA

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EA lists down 64 reasons to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

We are down to the last day before Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is officially released. On June 2, Electronic Arts has created a list of reasons why you should play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – 64 of them to be exact. These 64 reasons are actually a break-down of the game’s features, and we’ve listed them down for your enjoyment. The list ranges from the game’s story, combat, musical scoring, other Runners, and more.

And also at the bottom of this post is an awesome video featuring the game’s first 20 minutes, courtesy of YouTuber Arekkz Gaming. WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND, so watch at your own risk 😉

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64 Reasons Why You Should Play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

1. Faith Connors

You’ll get to experience Faith Connor’s story “through her eyes”. In case you didn’t know, Faith is one of the best Runners in the city of Glass. She is also known to possess “peak athletic skills” as well as a huge amount of knowledge of the city’s districts. She may have a troubled past, but this edgy and self-assured heroine is one badass girl you’ll get amazed of.

2. Unique First-Person Movement

Momentum will be your weapon in the game. This is where your fear of heights (if any) does not exist. Jump between rooftops, slide through tight spaces, zip down wire lines, balance yourself on pipes – all these are possible!

3. Combat

And while doing all those mentioned above, do remember that there are enemies around. Use your momentum to blow those devastating attacks!

4. Thrilling Story

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set in a city called Glass. This “pristine city” is under the rule of an evil Conglomerate. The game’s protagonist, Faith, finds herself drawn into the anti-Conglomerate struggle. This and so much more are waiting for you in the game.

Faith Connors

Faith Connors

5. The City of Glass

The vast city of Glass has many dark secrets hiding behind its shiny exterior. Explore this vast city and its districts and take on missions while taking on the Conglomerate.

6. Visuals

The game’s Frostbite 3 engine paired with the gaming industry’s best graphical designers turned the game into a “visual masterpiece. Its high-detail next-gen graphics bring not only Faith, but also the city, to life.

7. New Attacks and Moves To Unlock

The game allows you to gain experience as you run in the city. Use your Upgrade Points for upgrading Combat, Movement, and Gear as well as learning new techniques.

8. The MAG Rope

The MAG Rope

The MAG Rope

The MAG rope, a device which Faith wears on her forearm, can latch on to specific points in your environment. This will allow Faith to swing over gaps that are too long for her to jump across to. Upgrades for the MAG Rope can be acquired as Faith interacts with people and as the story progresses.

9. The Runners

The Runners are a special group of offGrids who have decided not to become a part of the Conglomerate. They live on rooftops and take on jobs such as burglaries or becoming couriers for those who are willing to pay. This is a faction you would want to be a part of.

10 & 11. Take on Time Trials or Create Your Own

Connect and challenge other players on Time Trial races. You can also create your own Time Trial race to see who’s the best Runner among you and other players.

12. The SEntinel

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

These fast and tenacious elite group of trained enemies are the highest level of enemies you will take on. Watch out for the Sentinels as they are known to be quick to deliver punishments,

13. The Beat

The Beat is a software that “piggybacks” to The Grid (or simply, the Internet). The Beat will provide you with navigational hints and encrypted communication channels which the Conglomerate does not have access to.

14. Black November

Black November is a resistance movement you’ll cross paths with as you get deeper into the game. They’re constantly being hunted by KrugerSec and thy do everything they can to terrorize the authorities and to “incite a general revolution among the employs.”

15. Disrupt

Disrupt is an upgrade Faith can use to stun KrugerSec by disrupting their communication systems. It uses Faith’s beatLink as well as the MAG Rope’s power source to execute a military-grade communications hack. Cool!

16. Delivery Missions

Get rewarded by taking on Delivery Missions from the citizens of Glass.

17. Dashes



Take on challenging Dashes designed by DICE! Find the best route there is and use your own fluid movement as you take on this challenge.

18. Discover the History of Cascadia

Learn more about Cascadia, its history, and key events that shaped it as a nation as you play the game

19. World-Class Audio

Be fully immersed in the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with the game’s world-class soundscape created by the award-winning sound team at DICE.

20. Noah

Get to meet Faith’s mentor, Noah, as she gets reunited with him. He is one of the most powerful Runner elders.

21. Day and Night Cycle

The game includes a day and night cycle which will truly captivate you. Find out how nighttime and daytime differ from each other by getting the game. 😉

22. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Community

Take part in the Community and share fan art, join discussions, and meet new Runner friends.

23. Go Downtown

Downtown is the center of the city. This modernized district brings thrill to Runners as they explore its rooftops and the Runners’ Lair.

24. GridLeaks

GridLeaks are orb-like items that are strewn across the city. Collect as many of these so you can get extra XP points.

25. Dynamic Soundtrack

Solar Fields

Music by Solar Fields

The game features a dynamic soundtrack by fan-favorite composer Solar Fields. Run to the game’s ambient music and hear how you adapt and evolve basing on how you play the game.

26. The Grappling Tip

The Grappling Tip allows you to use its hook extensions to pierce and grab objects such as a panel that you can use to quickly jump off to before it retracts again.

27. Gabriel Kruger

Gabriel Kruger

Gabriel Kruger

Of course, no story will be complete without the bad guy. Gabriel Kruger is the bad guy. He’s the evil head of KrugerSec who seems to have feelings of contempt for those in the Resistance. But he also has a background story of his own.

28. The Corporations

The Corporations

The Corporations

The Corporations are run by the Conglomerate. You’ll see billboards of them in almost every building in the city. These billboards serve the purpose of fueling the “desire and aspirations of the regular citizens, while also adding to the glossy face of the Conglomerate exterior”.

29. Birdman

Get to meet Birdman, a Runner who inspired others to do runs against the Conglomerate. He is now prioritizing contemplation and feeding pigeons.

30. Beat L.E.

Beat L.E., or Beat Location Emiter, is what you can use to play thrilling treasure hunts with friends and other Runners. Place a Beat L.E. anywhere in the map and let the fun begin!

31. Stylistic Design

The signature Mirror’s Edge design is making a comeback. It’s clean, futuristic, and unique. You’ll get to see a variety of the game’s environments as you explore more.

32. Escape a KrugerSec Alert

Be on the lookout for KrugerSec personnel as they are always on the lookout for those who resist the Conglomerate. If you are considered a threat, they will trigger a KrugerSec Alert, and everything from their gunships, troops, and drones will be deployed to take you down.

33. Shift

Practicing Shift will make you into a master Runner. Shift is a move that lets you gain speed faster as well as move sideways in any direction.

34. CHVRCHES “Warning Call”

Listen to Scottish electro-trio CHVRCHES’ “Warning Call” as part of the game’s soundtrack.

35. Zip Lines

Zip lines abound in Glass! Use these wire lines not only to move faster between rooftops, but also to knock out a KrugerSec when landing.

36. Keep Your Focus

Gain Focus from free running. Use Focus Shield so Faith can defend herself from being hit by enemies. You will lose Focus from low speed and from being attacked, so get moving and get running!

37. No Guns

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith’s only weapons are her free running and her combat skills. Guns are not part of the game. Think you are up for this challenge?

38. Sky City and The Shard

This is Sky City

This is Sky City

Sky City is considered as the ultimate achievement of the Conglomerate in terms of architecture. Discover Sky City and The Shard as you go deeper into the game.

39. Dogen

Dogen is a black market and contraband tycoon which Faith Connors has a big debt to pay off to.

40. Design Your Runner Tag

Runner Tag on Billboard

Runner Tag on Billboard

Your Runner Tag allows you to make a mark on the city of Glass. Hack a billboard, or get a score on the leaderboards and you’ll see your Runner Tag displayed for everyone to see.

41. Tap Grid Nodes

The city of Glass is so high-tech, that all data is being shuffled around a router called Grid Nodes. Although these are not designed for human access, Runners have been navigating the Grid Node and tapping it to become the ultimate Runner. Are you up for this challenge?

42. Explore the Omnistat Channels

As a Runner, you can also get to explore the OmniStat channels, a tunnel complex that was once part of the OmniStat desalination plant. This area is off-limits to KrugerSec personnel and regular employs.

43. Mirror’s Edge Companion

With Mirror’s Edge Companion, you’ll get to bring your game with you anywhere you go! This app is connected to your Runner profile, lets you keep track of game news, customization, and in-game progress. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone at game launch.

44. Billboard Hacking

Hack a Billboard

Hack a Billboard

Hack KrugerSec propaganda billboards and change what’s being shown with your own Runner Tag!

45. Wallruns

Being able to do a wallrun is one awesome skill. Doing a Double Wall Run is another thing – can be unlocked when you have progressed enough in the game.

46. Icarus

As Faith Connors, you’ll get to compete with your rival, Icarus, not only for the spot of top Runner in the city, but also for Noah’s affection.

47. Search for Easter Eggs

Run, run, and run! And as you do so, search for Easter Eggs in the game!

48. Total Control

You think Faith’s movements in the game can be perfected in just a short time? Think again. Although designed to be “intuitive and easy to learn”, the fluidity of Faith’s movements will require your mind, hands, and controller to work in unison in order to perfect her moves. How long do you think you’ll be able to master her moves?

49. Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Thane, head of Black November, is one of the characters you’ll meet in the game. She is a woman driven purely by revenge after losing her friends during the November Riots.

50. Fight the Shock Protectors

Shock Protectors are the toughest enemies to beat. They’re resistant to attacks, so keep moving and use your momentum while “traversing the environment” to attack them.

51. Anchor

Anchor is “one of the most affluent areas in Glass and future home of the most opulent shopping center in Cascadia”. A symbol for the Conglomerate’s way of life. As a Runner, you’d think differently about this area.

52. Take Down the Guardiians

Guardians are the weaker enemies in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. They’re a piece of cake, even a newbie Runner can take them down.

53. Echoes



Echoes represent other Runners in the city. You’ll see them in Time Trials. You can personalize your own echo for others to see.

54. Meet Nomad

Nomad, Faith’s close friend and self-proclaimed outcast and artist, will be one of the characters you’ll get to interact with in the game.

55. Runner Kits

Unlock Runner Kits and get access to Echo customizations, new layers for your Runner Tag, and more!

56. Meet PLastic

Plastic is the finest Coder in the City of Glass. Although a little aloof, he’s definitely a true asset for Runners.

57. Meet Kuma



Kuma is a small robot, and one of Plastic’s pet projects. It has an evolving AI core which makes it unpredictable and psychotic due to it being constructed over several years.

58. Pipe Swings

Pipe Swing is another Runner move you can use to make sharp turns.

59. Runner’s Vision

Runner's Vision

Runner’s Vision

Runner’s Vision will help you as you navigate the city. This red guide is activated either by you, or by a mission. You can turn this off if you wish.

60. Admire the View

The district of Ocean Glass View is so stunning, you might suddenly lose focus and momentum.

61. Discover Secret Areas

There are so many areas in the City of Glass that are waiting to be discovered. Search every nook and cranny and see what you’ll find!

62. Fight the Enforcers

An Enforcer

An Enforcer

The Enforcers deal high damage in ranged combat. Keep close to them and you’ll easily beat them.

63. Development Zone G

Investigate the rumors surrounding Development Zone G. Find out if a vast tunnel during the OmniStat days does exist. KrugerSec has been denying this, though.

64. Ride a Drone

Ride a Drone

Ride a Drone

If you want to take your traversing to the skies, use the city’s drone surveillance systems to your advantage and travel up high in style!

Still not convinced that you should play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Well, this gameplay video just might convince you! Enjoy! 




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