Starfield: Best Price for PC and Xbox – Tips for Saving

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Soon it’s almost time: On the 6th of September, the highly anticipated game Starfield will finally be officially released. In this article, you’ll discover how to find the best deal for Starfield and some useful information about it.


Key Information

  • From the 6th of September, Starfield will be available for PC and Xbox Series XIS.
  • Using AllKeyShop, you can find the best price for a Starfield Key.
  • Upon release, Starfield will be available in the Xbox Game Pass.

Finding the Best Deal

If you want the best deal for Starfield, it’s best to avoid checking Steam or the Xbox Store and instead look at AllKeyShop for a Key. This way, you can save a good amount of money. AllKeyShop compares prices from over 60 verified Key Sellers and always shows you the best price for your games.


Playing Starfield with Xbox Game Pass

Starting from the release day on 6.9., Starfield will also be available in the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox. This allows you to play Starfield for a fraction of the regular purchase price. Additionally, the Xbox Game Pass grants access to over 400 more games. However, note that the prices for the Game Pass have risen in recent months. Therefore, getting a Key is also worthwhile here to get the best possible price for the Xbox Game Pass.

Choosing the Right Edition for You

If you want to buy the Premium Edition for Starfield, that will of course cost you extra. Therefore, it’s best to compare all editions in advance to find the Starfield edition that suits you the most. Click here to compare the editions: Starfield: Which Edition to Choose?

Getting More FPS in Starfield

If you’ve already purchased Starfield and have an Nvidia graphics card, you might not be getting as many FPS as expected. Since there’s no DLSS support for Nvidia graphics cards, it’s best to check out this article to get more FPS in Starfield.

What to Play After Starfield?

If you’ve already completed Starfield or simply seeking a change, there are plenty of other games that are similar to Starfield. If you want to learn more about games that are similar to Starfield, it’s best to check out this article: The Top 10 Games Like Starfield

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