Starfield: Boost Your FPS with the best DLSS Mod

1 September 2023 at 16:30 in Gaming News with no comments

Today, Starfield was released for owners of the Premium Edition. Soon, it will also be available to those who have purchased the Standard Edition or are in possession of the Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, Nvidia users do not have access to DLSS support.

Starfield DLSS

Key Information

  • Starting from September 6th, Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series XIS.
  • If you own an Nvidia graphics card, you can significantly boost your FPS using the DLSS mod.
  • There are also other interesting mods available.

Getting More FPS in Starfield

For Nvidia graphics card owners, there is no way to enable DLSS in Starfield to optimise in-game performance. To overcome this issue, a Starfield FPS mod has already been developed, allowing the use of DLSS.

Starfield DLSS

By using the Starfield Upscalers by PureDark, you can Boost your FPS and improve your performance in Starfield with the best DLSS mod available. This mod uses NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology to render your game at a higher resolution and then downsample it to your monitor’s native resolution, resulting in sharper images and smoother gameplay. This results in sharper visuals and smoother gameplay. You can access the Starfield Upscaler mod here.

Other Interesting Mods

FOV Changer

The FOV Changer allows you to adjust your field of view (FOV) as the name suggests, so you can see more in the game. The mod works in both first-person and third-person perspectives, allowing you to customize the game according to your preferences. You can access the FOV Changer here.

Skip Launch Video

At the beginning when you start Starfield, you’re shown a 5-second video indicating that Bethesda made the game, and this is unnecessary waiting time. With the Skip Launch Video mod, you can automatically skip this video and never have to watch it again. You can access the Skip Launch Video mod here.

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