10 Best Games Like Starfield to Play

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Bethesda’s new IP, Starfield, is nearly here, so while you wait, why not check out the following 10 best games like Starfield.

  10 games similar to Starfield  

Key Facts

  • Bethesda’s newest universe, Starfield, releases in September.
  • Before the RPG’s release, why not check our top 10 games like Starfield.
  • Whether you want to explore, trade, or fight pirates, these games have it all.



Starfield is Bethesda’s first new universe in decades, and it promises to be their most ambitious game to date, with character customization, crafting, resource gathering, and more than 1000 planets to explore. And while you wait for it to release, we thought we’d put together a list of 10 games we think you should play.

starfield gameplay  

No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky includes all major updates, letting you decide your own adventure. Face dangers and choices that shape your journey. Protect the weak, exploit the rich, destroy pirates, and collect bounties. Explore planets, build bases, and discover unique creatures. Fight, trade, or explore – your destiny awaits within an endless galaxy.


The Outer Worlds

  the outer worlds gameplay  


Outer Wilds

  outer wilds gameplay  

Welcome to Outer Wilds Ventures, the budding space program seeking answers in an ever-changing solar system. Outer Wilds planets teem with shifting secrets. Witness an underground city engulfed by sand or explore a crumbling surface. Every secret hides behind danger and disasters. Equip your hiking gear, check oxygen, and prepare for space exploration.


Elite Dangerous

  elite dangerous gameplay  

Embark on an epic journey with a small starship and a pocketful of credits. Soar through a futuristic galaxy, mastering skills, accumulating wealth, and seizing power. Aim for the coveted title of Elite in the celestial expanse. Amid superpowers and cosmic conflicts, your unique story weaves into a dynamic gaming universe. Watch governments crumble and rise, battles sway in the balance, as your actions mold the destiny of humanity’s frontier.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  mass effect legendary edition  

Play through the epic Mass Effect trilogy remastered for next-gen in stunning 4K Ultra HD, with superior performance, visuals, and HDR graphics. Your choices carry over fluidly between games. Every decision shapes missions, relationships, battles, and the very destiny of the galaxy.


Deus EX: Mankind Divided

  deus ex mankind divided gameplay  

It’s 2029, and augmented humans are pariahs, isolated from society. As a skilled covert operative, Adam Jensen navigates a hostile world. Armed with advanced gear, he faces tough choices and dangerous allies to uncover a global conspiracy.



  stellaris gameplay  

Embark on a stellar adventure, encountering diverse species across the cosmos. Build a galactic empire through scientific exploration and construction. Unearth treasures, shape your society, and foster alliances or conflicts as you chart the course of your interstellar journey.


Fallout: New Vegas

  fallout new vegas gameplay  

In New Vegas, anything goes. It’s where survival starts with digging your own grave before a gunshot to the head. And that’s just the beginning of the nightmare. Dreamers and desperados clash in a struggle for control. Journey through the Mojave Wasteland, the towering Hoover Dam, and the vibrant Vegas Strip. In New Vegas, your weaponry defines you. Rise to fame or make enemies at every turn.


Everspace 2

  everspace 2 gameplay  

In Everspace 2, you’ll battle formidable enemies, chase epic loot, and explore war-torn star systems in Cluster 34’s Demilitarized Zone. Join Adam, a clone pilot with a tangled past, in a race against factions, cultists, and aliens. Assemble a skilled team, unlock abilities, and blast your way to victory. Your cosmic journey starts now.


Star Citizen

  star citizen gameplay  

Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious games ever made. You’ll explore a vast sandbox containing life-sized planets, fight off pirates and even turn to crime to pay your debts as you fully embrace your life in space within the Stanton system. It’s your choice: trader, pirate, bounty hunter, salvager, or hauler. Be anything. Do anything.


X4: Foundations

  x4 foundations gameplay  

X4: Foundations has a universe where thousands of ships and stations trade, mine, and thrive in realistic simulations. Evolve from a lone fighter pilot to an empire manager, leading fleets and crafting massive space stations. Shift effortlessly between first-person action and strategic management. Trade, fight, build, and strategize at your pace. Your choices. Your universe.




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