Pokemon Go Plus: Next-Level Pokemon Hunting!

21 July 2016 at 15:01 in Gaming News with no comments



Helps you save battery life, too!

Take Pokemon hunting to a whole new level with the Pokemon Go Plus! Said to be available by the end of July, the Pokemon Go Plus is a wristband that works with the Pokemon Go mobile app by the use of Bluetooth.

The Pokemon Go Plus notifies you of any activity in the Pokemon Go app. It vibrates and also has a blinking LED which notifies you in case a Pokemon is nearby, or when you’re near a PokeStop. To catch a Pokemon, simply press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus and it will throw a Poke Ball for you. Take note though, you can only use it to catch Pokemon you’ve previously caught.


Pokemon Go Plus Details

Size: 46 x 33 x 17.5 mm

Weight: 13 grams

Worn like a bracelet

Powered by a lithium button cell

Alarm function: Vibrates and flashes when a Pokemon or a PokeStop is nearby

Action button: Throws Poke Balls to catch Pokemon

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