Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks for Every Pokemon Trainer

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Hey Pokemon Trainers! The Pokemon Go bug has definitely taken the world by storm. We are always on the lookout for Pokemon Go tips and tricks, or guides that can help us become the very best like no one ever was. So here we’ve got the basic tips and tricks every budding Pokemon trainer should equip themselves with.

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: The Basics

Below are the most basic Pokemon Go tips and tricks every trainer should know. These are fool-proof and are very easy to remember!

Hatching Eggs

Pokémon Pokémon GO

Eggs in Pokemon Go are baby Pokemon you need to raise. But before anything else, you need to have them hatched. In order to do so, you have to move (literally, walk) a certain number of kilometers in order to hatch them.

You may be thinking that you can simply ride your car in order to hatch these eggs faster – well, think again. Pokemon Go is equipped with motion sensors, so only speeds that are compared to walking, running, and sometimes riding a bike, are acceptable.

Saving Battery Life


Of course, as Pokemon Go is a mobile game, you are bound to spend tons of battery life especially if you really wanna catch ’em all. One way you can save battery life is to turn off the game’s Augmented Reality mode. But if you still want to have the AR function running, a power bank is your bestest best friend in your hunt for Pokemon.

Get More Candy


Candy in Pokemon Go helps evolve your Pokemon. In order to get more candy, you simply have to catch more Pokemon, or “transfer” Pokemon to the Professor, or hatch eggs.

These are the basic Pokemon Go tips and tricks every budding trainer has to know. Got other items to add on our list? Let your fellow readers know by posting them in the comments below!



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