Playstation Plus First Surprise For May 2024 Affects EU Players And Not US

2 May 2024 at 08:07 in Gaming News, Subscriptions with no comments

A blockbuster hit is set to leave Playstation Plus on May 21, 2024. But not for all players as US subscribers have not received notice of the departure.

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PlayStation Plus May 2024 Surprise Departure

A new turn of events has had the Playstation Plus world in a scramble. Award-winning blockbuster hit, Horizon Zero Dawn, was seen on the Playstation Store with a notice of departure.

The game is currently part of the Games Catalog which is accessible to Playstation Plus Extra and Premium members. According to the notice, it will leave the service on May 21, 2024 which is also the same time the previously announced list of games will depart.

The set of games which includes 25 titles did not include Horizon Zero Dawn at the time of reveal though. So since there is no official announcement yet, some gamers are skeptical with the news. Some even consider it a possible bug.

But if it truly is a bug, why is the notice not seen on the Playstation Store US. All other regional online stores have it but not that one. Does this mean there is a different contract for the US?

Also, considering there have been a lot of “surprise movement” in the totality of the gaming subscription world, I wouldn’t put this “under-the-radar departure” past it.

PlayStation Plus May 2024

Although Sony has not announced or even addressed this yet, forums have been filled with both disappointment and speculation as to why this is happening. Probably the most famous is that Horizon Zero Dawn is being taken out for a remastered version for a Playstation 5 release. This has been circulating for a while now but since this notice, more gamers believe this to be truer than before.

At this point, we can all speculate until the final word from Sony is announced. For now, let’s enjoy the newly revealed Playstation Plus Free Games for May 2024.

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