PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vaulting Update Available Now

By Veena1 on November 14, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments

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After being delayed for a couple of weeks, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds vaulting update is finally live along with other improvements and changes. The release came with the major content patch called 1.0.

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Xbox One

The build, however, is not that stable as said by the developers. Possible client crashes and other problems can be experienced with the build as said in the studio’s blog post.

As mentioned earlier the patch includes the vaulting update which gives the game a verticality feature like climbing walls, cars or anything. Along with, another important content is the changes made in the game’s ballistic mechanics.

The weapons and projectiles have been rebalanced giving a more realistic feel to them. The most significant of which is the bullet drag. This is where the trajectory and speed of a bullet is actually affected by wind, gravity, and other elements. There are quite a few more on the list and VG24/7 was able to create a table for the differences which we’ve shared below:

Other patch notes include client optimisation, server optimisation, action and so much more. You can check them out on the list below:

Client optimisation
  • Optimized terrain data to reduce memory usage
  • Reduced the lag issue when terrain is loading
  • Reduced the lag issue when multiple players are in sight
Server optimisation
  • Optimized server performance by adjusting network throughput
  • Added vaulting and climbing action
  • Vehicle driving balance is modified (we are adjusting driving sounds to be more realistic. Sources of vehicle sounds will be improved)
  • Vehicle driving is adjusted to be more realistic (this is an early stage of balancing. We need your feedback to improve driving)
  • Improved the vehicle and passenger animations
Ballistics overhaul
  • Projectiles fired from firearms are now affected by air drag. This means that projectiles will now lose velocity over time leading to greater bullet drop and longer travel time
  • Large scopes (8x, 15x) now have variable zoom that can be adjusted using the Mouse Wheel (by default)
  • Red dot, holo and 2x sights can now have their reticle’s brightness adjusted using Mouse Wheel
  • Fixed the excessive aim-punch while leaning in ADS mode
  • Removed the blurring effect of the weapon and objects close to camera that appeared in non-ADS mode
  • Neck is now protected by the helmet
  • Damage to the chest area is increased
-Damage balance
  • The actual damage is now taking into account following multipliers:
  • Base damage stat of the weapon
  • Distance traveled by the projectile (damage decreases over distance)
  • Hit area damage multiplier
  • Weapon class multiplier
  • Unified the sizes of all UAZ models, the number of seats decreased to four
  • Improved the backpack capacity UI in the inventory screen

What are your thoughts on the unstable build? Of all the changes shared, what do you think is the most significant to the game? Do tell us in the comments below.


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