No Man’s Sky Update 1.1: Foundation Update Live Now!

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The No Man’s Sky Update 1.1, also known as the No Man’s Sky Foundation Update, is finally live. This update is the first among many updates that will come to the game for free.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky PS4

Hello Games has posted a rather lengthy list of things you will come across in the said update in its Patch Notes. Check out the list below:

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update (No Man’s Sky Update 1.1)

  • You can now play different rule sets across the game’s three game modes:
    • Normal Mode – Just the standard exploration stuff
    • Creative Mode – Allows you to explore the universe with no limits as well as build a huge base
    • Survival Mode – Brings a more challenging endurance experience
  • When you die in Survival Mode, you’ll now get to see “Death Quotes” (see below)
No Man's Sky Foundation Update: Death Quotes

Death Quotes – Survival Mode

  • Base Building
    • Create your own outpost by finding an uninhabited base to claim your home planet.
    • As for your shelter, you can construct your homestead using structures and decorations that were replicated from resources you gathered while exploring
    • You can recruit alien lifeforms to research new technology. Specialists for farming, engineer, science and weapons can be hired from the Space Station.
    • If you’re exploring the universe, or other planets, you can use the Terminus Teleporters found in Space Stations to teleport to and from your base anytime you want
    • You can expand your base by using storage containers to stockpile rare products and precious resources
    • If you find a more beautiful location and you want to establish your base in it, simply dismantle your previous base. All resources spent in your previous base will be refunded.
  • Farming
    • You can hire a farming specialist to research, discover, and grow plants (10 new plant types). Plants provide a steady supply of resources when you harvest them.
  • Making Camp
    • Building essential equipment in the field on-planet is now allowed
    • You can now place save points anywhere in the world – especially useful in Survival Mode
    • Automated Harvesters will gather resources from mineral deposits for you in your absence
    • You can now place color-coded Waypoints. These will allow you to return to discoveries
    • You can now use Communications Terminals to leave sub-space messages for others
    • Use the Signal Scanner to discover mineral deposits, suit upgrades, or uninhabited bases nearby
  • Freighters
    • Purchase Freighters and summon them anywhere in the galaxy. The Freighters can teleport your resources while on-planet – ideal for stockpiling your goods to trade them later.
    • Your Freighter can be customized in the Base Building section
    • Extended cargo holds will allow you to expand your Freighter’s capacity, and even grow crops of rare resources on board!
    • Maximize your earnings by transporting your Freighter to different systems that are more economically favorable.
    • Recruit specialists to go on board your Freighter to research on Weapons, Science, Engineering, and Farming.


  • New Resources and Technology
    • As you explore the universe, you’ll get to discover new resource types
    • You can gather more rare resources by crafting the new Advanced Mining Laser and Hazmat gauntlets
    • Dozens of new technologies, building components, and products can now be researched and discovered


You can view the full list of changes/additions and patch notes in the No Man’s Sky website.

What do you think of the No Man’s Sky Foundation Update? Did it add more interesting content to the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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