No Man’s Sky Tips: What to Do in Your First 5 Hours

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These No Man’s Sky tips can get you started easily

You’re probably at a loss as to how you can get started with No Man’s Sky. With its vast universe lying ahead of you, it may be overwhelming at first. But do not fear, because these No Man’s Sky tips will put you on the right track right from the start, courtesy of the Playstation Blog.

No Man's Sky
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No Man’s Sky Tips on Getting Started

Repair Your Ship

First things first. As you will spend most of your time exploring, your ship is your most-trusted companion from the first minute of the game. You will start with a ship that needs fixing, so go ahead and release the inner mechanic in you. Oh, and you’ll need to fuel it, too, before you can venture into space.

Collect Elements

And speaking of fuel, in order to fuel your ship, or keep your life support online, you’ll need to gather elements. Every planet you land on has valuable elements you can use in your journey. The most important elements you would want to stock up on are Plutonium (to fuel different parts of your ship and keep your life support online), and Iron (to keep your shield powered up so you’ll be protected from hostile conditions).

You can also combine elements in order to craft materials which you can use to fix your ship, enhance your Exosuit or Multi-Tool, or trade in the galactic market.

Use your Exosuit scanner to locate essential elements from your surroundings.

Explore Your First Planet

There’s really so much you can do in your first planet alone. Take the time to explore that planet and you’ll get to discover never-before-seen creatures, plants, minerals, and elements. You can also go ahead and name all the unique species you discover and get rewarded by the Galactic Library. You’ll also discover other alien civilizations. Learn new strange languages from Knowledge Stones and communicate with these alien species easily.

And if you see smoking debris from the horizon, go ahead and check it out. These debris, when investigated, will provide you with blueprints of new technology, or improvements for your Exosuit, ship, or Multi-Tool. If you get lucky, you can also come across abandoned signal scanners. If you have the right elements to make them work again, you’ll get information on points of interest such as trading posts, or bigger and better ships!

Journey Into Space!

Now that you’ve got your ship up and running, and you’re done exploring your first planet, go ahead and venture into space! Billions upon billions of stars, planets, asteroids, and so much more are waiting for you to be discovered!

Time for an Upgrade

Enhancements are essential in order for you to progress through the game. Upgrades on your Exosuit, Multi-Tool, and your Starship are available once you get enough blueprints for new technologies and other enhancements.

No Man’s Sky is as vast as your imagination can take you. These tips will surely get you started right away.

What do you think of this game so far? Is it worth the hype? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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