Next Windows Update Fixes Performance Problems

27 July 2021 at 19:00 in Gaming News with no comments

The next Windows 10 update looks to fix frame rate drops and performance issues when gaming.

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Back in April, Microsoft released a Windows 10 update aimed at improving performance across the operating system, but some gamers began to suffer with stuttering and frame drops.

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Thankfully, Microsoft is addressing those issues and the next Windows 10 patch, expected July 27, will iron out any performance-related problems when playing games in Game Mode.

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The updates are a welcome move ahead of Windows 11, which will see DirectStorage, a feature designed to utilize the power of SSDs and GPU, release.

As direct storage use the GPU to decompress games data straight from the SSD, it’s way faster than before, when the CPU was doing this task

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If you are currently experiencing gaming-related issues on Windows 10, we recommend changing your power settings to Ultra Performance on your system.

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To do this, you can click on Control Panel > Power > Ultimate Performance.

Don’t forget to also activate the game mode.

Of course, this may not fix the issues you are having entirely, but it’s a fast fix before the July update.

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