New World: Heart of Madness Update Goes Live, Concludes Aeternum’s First Chapter

2 April 2022 at 19:40 in Gaming News with no comments

New World has received its Heart of Madness update, and now players have access to a finale quest, new weapon, and more.

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The Heart of Madness update was originally planned to roll out on March 29th, but the developers encountered several bugs which prompted them to delay its release on March 31st. With the update already in place, New World players now get to take part in a new storyline plus an endgame Expedition. Also included are bug fixes and other updates to quests, AI, and enemies, among many others.

You may view the Patch Notes HERE.


Main Story Finale Quest

  new world heart of madness patch notes  

The final story quest for the first Aeternum chapter, The Heart of the Tempest, will have you pursue Isabella to Shattered Mountain. You can get this through Yseult Meredith at Mountain Home Outpost in Shattered Mountain.

Mara Rosa can also give you additional repeatable quests, and you may find her in the cathedral located south of the Expedition entrance.


Tempest’s Heart Expedition

  new world heart of madness update patch notes  

Tempests’ Heart Expedition kicks off the final showdown against Isabella. Dive deeper into her corrupted mind as you go after the Tempest through Myrkgard. This is an endgame Expedition for 5 players, with a recommended level of 60 with Gearscores between 550 and 570.


Introducing: The New Blunderbuss Weapon

  new world blunderbuss  

The Blunderbuss is a close-to-mid range weapon which features high mobility as well as two distinct playstyles. It scales on strength and intelligence (a first of its kind), and developers say this is “a good companion for bruiser or mage builds.”


Two playstyles can be chosen from two weapon mastery trees:

  • Containment tree – allows you to pull off close-range shots with three different attacks

  • Chaos tree  – lets you unleash explosive attacks


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