Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Enemy Types!

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Get to know the Enemy Types in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Producer Jeremy Miller talks about the different enemy types that you will be encountering in the game. This knowledge will help you tremendously in-game to get an upper hand on your enemies.

Faith will encounter four types of enemies in the game, which are: Guardians, Protectors, Enforcers and the Sentinels.



They are the most common that you will see of the KrugerSec. They serve as a reminder to other employs to be good at keeping a high job performance as well as to follow the policy set by the Conglomerate. To the runners they offer less of a challenge even to a beginner.



They are the next level up from the Guardians and are uncommon. Employs often see the protectors as sign of policy enforcement as well as a demotion. They are a threat, especially in groups. They can take damage because of their protective gear and they can counter attack as well.



A subgroup under the protectors who are trained to handle group attacks like riots and the like. They are resistant to direct attacks and you must use the momentum from traversing the environment to get a good hit.



They are usually found in correctional facilities or used as body guards. A special tactics team from the KrugerSec that are great at tactical positioning and gives high damage when it comes to ranged combat. When fighting them, you must get close and deliver the kill swiftly. They will not fire their weapon when you are near friendlies, so this can be used to your advantage.



They are the highest level in the KrugerSec and the most dangerous that Faith will ever encounter. They are fast and very quick with their attacks. You must build quite a distance between the Sentinel and attack from the air for you to avoid being counter-attacked.

There you have it! The four types of enemies and tips on how to beat them. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be officially launched on May 24, 2016 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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