Microsoft Invests In Korean Developer For Blockchain Video Games

11 November 2022 at 19:18 in Gaming News with no comments

Microsoft has invested millions in a Korean blockchain video game’s company.

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Microsoft Invests in Blockchain Game Company    

Key Facts

  • Microsoft has invested in a Korean developer known for blockchain games.
  • Wemade also owns a blockchain mainnet and NFT auction site.
  • Microsoft’s Phil Spencer once said blockchain games are “exploitative.”



Microsoft has invested in a Korean video games company as they look to move into blockchain games.

  microsoft blockchain 2022  

Microsoft’s investment is worth $46 million in Wemade, a Korean video games company founded in 2000 and known for its PC and mobile games, such as MMORPG Legend of Mir.

Wemade says their game, MIR4, is the world’s “first well-made blockbuster blockchain game.”

Wemade also owns a blockchain mainnet called Wemix 3.0, which is used to exchange and verify cryptocurrencies.

The company also has an NFT auction site, another area of blockchain that has seen a backlash in the last 24 months.

It’s unclear what Microsoft’s investment will mean or how Microsoft plans to move forward, as it was only in June when Head of Gaming Phil Spencer said blockchain games “feel more exploitative than about entertainment.”




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