Metro Exodus will be Bringing Lots of Changes to the Series

9 February 2018 at 15:17 in Gaming News with 5 comments
Metro Exodus

When it comes to story-driven shooters, the Metro series holds a special place in every fan’s heart. With the latest entry though, 4A is looking to shake things up as Metro Exodus will see a lot of changes from 2033 and Last Light.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus PS4
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Unlike the first two entries, Game Informer has revealed that Exodus will have players spending a lot of their time above ground. Previous entries progressed mostly underground because the surface posed too much danger from radiation and mutated monsters. This meant that the few surface visits were often brief and unavoidable.

Also, we already reported that the upcoming game’s maps are huge. 4A however stresses that Exodus is not an open-world game. That means the story follows a certain progression and some areas become inaccessible before and/or after certain points.

Getting to navigate the surface, you’ll now have the chance to meet new factions. How these factions welcome you though will depend highly on how your previous encounters with their members while out exploring. This forces players to think ahead when meeting others for the first time.

Ammo won’t be used as currency anymore. Crafting will be the name of the game and players will be scavenging for materials on their adventures to be able to craft gear and ammo. This will also allow you to add attachments to your guns. Weapons will also need to be cleaned, which makes a lot of sense given the setting.

Metro Exodus

Lastly, your base of operations will be on the train called the Aurora. It’s a mobile hub that you’ll come home to after each mission. Inside, you’ll have almost everything you need to get ready for your next adventure. The Aurora and its dwellers will see changes as well as the story progresses.

Metro Exodus has no specific launch date yet but will arrive some time this fall on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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