Metro Exodus will have Massive Maps and More Sandbox Gameplay

By JD on January 24, 2018 Gaming News with 3 Comments
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus devs, 4A Games, revealed new information about the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter in an interview with PlayStation Magazine UK that will be featured in the publication’s issue #145 (February 2018). Executive producer Jon Bloch has revealed that the game will be much bigger than any of the series’ previous entries.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus PS4
Metro Exodus Xbox One


Bloch described the Exodus as a “mix of classic Metro gameplay” with “new sandbox environments”. This should offer players “a lot more freedom and options” while “still maintaining what we think makes our previous games so enjoyable.” Each in-game city reportedly measures between 3 to 4 square kilometers.

Players are also bound to encounter new and familiar things alike. There will be new societies, religions, ways of life, environments, monsters and mutants. There will also be familiar elements that should constantly remind players that it is a Metro game.

Bloch also noted that the script for their latest venture will be bigger than Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light combined, including all DLC. That should give players some perspective on just how massive this game is really set to be.

Metro Exodus is set to arrive in the fall for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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