Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite New Characters Added

4 August 2017 at 06:18 in Gaming News with no comments

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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite new characters were added to the roster recently. The two are Marvel’s Dormammu and Capcom’s Fireband.
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Both characters were confirmed with a reveal via the MVCI Marvel Comics variant cover for Spider-Man Vs Deadpool #20.

The Dread Dormammu and Firebrand the Red Blaze are fired up #MVCI, and this week they kick off our Marvel Comics variant…

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Dormammu actually came out in the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as one of the playable characters in the game. And if you are a fan of the Marvel comics he is one of the characters available since the 1960’s. Dormammu is also a constant enemy in the Marvel Universe Sorcerer Supreme, he is the god-tyrant of the Dark Dimensions. He is well known for his demonic cunning as well as for his mystical flames. Fireband, on the other hand, debuted in the early 90’s as a protagonist of Gargoyle’s Quest and Demon’s Crest. In the Ghost’n’Goblins series, however, he is one of the antagonists. He also was a playable character in the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and is a wielder of fire magic as well. New characters that had been revealed in the recently concluded Comic Con were Spider-Man, Nemesis, Frank West, and Haggar. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite launches on September 19, 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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