Killing Floor 2 Open Beta For PlayStation 4 Starts Today

4 November 2016 at 01:49 in Gaming News with no comments
Killing Floor 2 Open Beta Cover

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Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 Open Beta is opening today at 10 AM PDT it will run over the weekend and will end at the same time on November 6.

Killing Floor 2’s close beta has recently ended and now the open beta is live. This absolutely gory and bloody game is pushing it to the limits. Expect the gore levels of this game to be off the charts. As you kill enemy Zeds, you will see flying limbs, guts and of course buckets and buckets of blood. Killing Floor the second time around will be bombarding its players with more Zeds who are smarter, tougher, and terrifying.

Killing Floor 2
Killing Floor 2 PS4

The Killing Floor 2 Open Beta will let its players go through the game in select content:

  • Play in the 2 Multiplayer Modes: Versus Survival and Survival.
  • The three available maps are Burning Paris, Biotics Lab and Evac Point.
  • An offline Training Mission will be available.
  • Get 9 Perk Classes.
  • With 14 characters to choose from.

Along with the open beta announcement, is a Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Trailer in 4K graphics. Get to watch the video below:

You can still go ahead and sign up for the Open Beta via Killing Floor’s official site.

Killing Floor 2 will officially launch on November 18, 2016, available for PC and PlayStation 4. spreadtheword-1