Immortals of Aveum: EA`s Unique First-Person Magic Shooter delayed

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The captivating single-player first-person shooter, Immortals of Aveum, combines magic and fast-paced combat.

  Immortals of Aveum  

Key Facts

  • Immortals of Aveum will be released on August 22nd for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.
  • In this first-person magic shooter, you will master three different types of magic.
  • The story of Immortals of Aveum will take approximately 25 hours to complete.

What is Immortals of Aveum?


Immortals of Aveum is the new single-player first-person shooter from EA, scheduled to be released on August 22nd this year. It offers an engaging story, battles where you must master various spells, all presented in stunning graphics.

  Immortals of Aveum  

Immortals of Aveum takes place in the world of Aveum, which is trapped in an seemingly endless war for control over magic, known as the Everwar.

You play as Jak, a special mage who possesses the abilities of all three types of magic: force, chaos, and life, enabling him to wield a wide array of spells.

Jak joins the Lucium faction after growing up on the streets of Seren. His magic abilities manifested late in his life. Five years after he begins his training, Sandrakk and her Rasharn faction launch an attack, forcing Lucium into a defensive position. This is where the story starts.


The Combat


As a combat mage in Immortals of Aveum, you have access to over 25 different spells, including defensive and offensive ones.

The battles are fast-paced, with enemies attempting to surround you, requiring constant movement to survive. Casting spells feels like playing a shooter game.

As you progress, you unlock additional talents, totaling 80, to enhance your combat style. For example, you can chain spells together to quickly defeat strong opponents.

Throughout the game, you will find gold, seals, and totems that make you stronger and grant you the ability to overcome even more powerful adversaries.

Unique boss enemies await you, posing a challenge that won’t be easily overcome.

  Immortals of Aveum

Frequently Asked Questions


Which platforms will Immortals of Aveum be available on?

Immortals of Aveum will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


How long is the campaign?

The developers have confirmed that the Immortals of Aveum campaign will last at least 25 hours.


Who is the developer of Immortals of Aveum?

Immortals of Aveum was developed by Ascendant Studios, a studio founded in 2018. It is their first game. The game is published by Electronic Arts.




If you’re interested in the world of Aveum and the Everwar, Immortals of Aveum is definitely worth a try. You can expect thrilling boss battles from a first-person perspective, a captivating story, stunning graphics, and a variety of gameplay options.


Which Edition to Choose?


Immortals of Aveum is coming out in two different editions: the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. If you pre-order either of these editions, you will receive the Purified Arclight Sigil, which is a weapon that increases damage from offensive and crushing spells.

  Immortals of Aveum  

If you decide to go for the Deluxe Edition, you will also receive the Pre-Order Sigil and the Triarch’s Wrath Sigil, a unique weapon that can unleash all three different types of magic.

Additionally, you will get three different rings: the Ring of Rasharn, the Aristeyan Ring, and the Immortals Ring. Furthermore, you will receive the items Dresnyr Lens, Lucian Chain, Vial of the Pentacade, Bracer of the Colossal, and finally, the Sky Island Gauntlet.


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