How to buy a Titanfall CD Key

13 April 2014 at 05:45 in Allkeyshop Video Gaming News with no comments
You just heard about Titanfall, and now you want to play it on your PC ? Just like us ! But you don’t know yet how to buy a Titanfall CD Key or you don’t know what is currently the best price available in the world … Don’t worry, we are here to help you out about that. Thanks to our awesome comparison tool, you can check the price of Titanfall in realtime, find the best deal and buy safely. To buy a Titanfall CD Key from a digital store is very easy: the only thing you have to do is to stay home and take 5 minutes of your time to select the digital store of your choice on our price comparison site.

Buy Titanfall CD Key at the best price

To buy Titanfall, first go to the game price page: Buy Titanfall CD Key From there, choose your favorite store, either the lowest price, or a store in your language, or with a bonus edition. then click on Shop Now to be redirected to the store’s page. You can then add the game in your basket and proceed to the checkout. Once paid, you will get the CD Key, a code that you will need to enter in your Origin Client. You can read our guide here about how to activate a CD Key on Origin if you never did it before. Make sure to check the usual delivery time of the store you are buying from, the available languages of the game and the payment method before buying. Titanfall_screenshot-300x168 If it’s your first order on a store, it can happen that they ask for some verifications about your identity. They can ask for example a photo of your Identity Card, or your phone number. Each store has it’s own delivery time. Some has instant delivery, like: Kinguin, G2A… Note that if you order a game that is not yet released, you will usually have to wait the release day to get your CD Key. Don’t panic, that’s totally fine and normal. Don’t hesitate to contact the store you bought from if you have any questions.

How to buy a Russian Titanfall CD Key and how to activate it

Some stores has the Russian edition of the game to sale. The russian edition has only Russian Language by default, but most stores selling that version has a step by step guide to also add other languages to the game. These steps usually requires to modify the game files and your Windows Registry, or to install a software. We recommend players to only buy this version if you have are not afraid about all these steps. It’s usually for advanced users.

How to find the best price for Titanfall

We recently added new features on our sites, you can now filter stores by language, payment method, customer support and type of store. buy-thief-cdkeyPayment method: (credit card, PayPal, Skrill..). Store Language: if you want a specific language, you can select it there. You can also now choose if you want an Official Store or a CD Key store : The differences between a CD Key Store and an Official Store is that the CD Key store doesn’t have an official link with the publisher of the game. Small business usually won’t have this. It can be an advantage and a disavantage. Official stores are instant delivery. CD Key stores have the lowest prices. Alerte-prix Price Alert : if you want to wait for the price of Titanfall to go down, you can put an alert and receive an email when the game hits the targeted price of your choice. You can also follow the price trends in the last days easily. Acheter-Thief-4-Clé-CD-au-meilleur-prix-3-150x150 Acheter-Thief-4-Clé-CD-au-meilleur-prix-2-150x150 Acheter-Thief-4-Clé-CD-au-meilleur-prix-4-150x150   The FAQs: If you have some questions, click on this link to read answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ-Bouée We hope this blog post will be useful to you and that it will help you to buy a CD Key for the game Titanfall. 🙂 Happy Gaming !