The New Hitman Elusive Target No.14 Is ‘The Chef’

21 November 2016 at 05:01 in Gaming News with no comments
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The new Hitman Elusive Target is live and you will see him in Paris! The 14th Elusive Target is called ‘The Chef’.

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Your target is named Gabriel Santos a decorated celebrity chef who is protected by “immunity granted by wealth and public life”. He has a harsh hand and has cases against him for assaulting his assistants and producers. Your client is one of the former investors of Santos. You will have up until November 25 to take this target down. If you die or fail, there is no reset button.

Find out more about your target in the video below:

A New Hitman Elusive Target Rewards System

Starting with Elusive Target 14 ‘The Chef’ you will be able to unlock new suit rewards for Agent 47! Below is an image that shows what suite and which mission location you will earn it from. Once you’ve earned a suit, you can use it in any location or contracts. Just as long as you have the option to select a starting suit.


“It’s important to note that these adjustments won’t affect anything you’ve already unlocked or your progress to unlocking the three accumulative suits (HMA, Blood Money, and Signature Suit that have been the three rewards available so far.”

If you are just starting out on the Elusive Targets with #14, fret not. You will still have the chance to unlock all the rewards above. Just don’t wait too long or miss or fail any of the next ET’s.

Hitman November Calendar


Hitman Season 1 is quickly coming to an end with its Hokkaido, Japan episode. And season 2 is currently in the making. From the calendar schedule provided. November 21-27 will give the players a new escalation contract. New elusive target #15 will also be available from November 28-December 4. Make sure to mark your calendars!

Which of the suit rewards are you aiming to get? Share it with us in the comments below.



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