Frostpunk is Free on Epic Games Until June 10th

4 June 2021 at 19:22 in Gaming News with no comments

11 Bit Studios’ survival, city-builder, and strategy game Frostpunk is currently free on the Epic Games Store, and you have until June 10th to claim it.

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How to Get Frostpunk Free on Epic Games


To get your free copy of Frostpunk, go to the game’s page on Epic Games. Make sure you’re logged in. Click “Get” and follow the prompt on the screen.

You can then proceed to download the game using the Epic Games Launcher.


Frostpunk Free on Epic Games


About Frostpunk



Take the role of a ruler of the last city on Earth. As the leader, you will be responsible for managing the city’s infrastructure, its people, and everyone’s survival.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Making decisions that will decide your people’s future
  • Developing new technologies
  • Exploring the frostland

The game is set in a frozen world, bringing the challenge to another level.


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