Fallout 76 Beta Download Size is Huge and You Can’t Pre-Load It

29 September 2018 at 15:27 in Gaming News with no comments
Fallout 76  

A recent update to the Fallout 76’s official FAQ page has revealed just how big the beta download will be. If you want to experience the first multiplayer-centric outing in the Fallout series, you’ll need to spend approximately 45 GB of both internet bandwidth and drive storage space.

It’s definitely massive, but not so surprising given the fact that Bethesda has said before that the beta will actually be the full game and that progress will carry over to the release version. What’s IS surprising, and a real problem for those who don’t have the speediest internet connection, is that Bethesda won’t be letting players pre-load the game ahead of the beta schedule.

There’s a bit of good news for PC players though. If you participate in the beta, you won’t have to download the release version when the game fully launches. You’ll only need to download the launch update which will turn the beta client into the full release version. Unfortunately, console players aren’t as lucky. Those who will be playing on Xbox One and PS4 will need to download the full game at launch, regardless of whether they downloaded the beta client or not.

The beta is set to start on October 23rd, but only for those playing on Xbox One. PC and PS4 players will have to wait till October 30th to start playing. Pre-ordering is the only way to get a beta invite, which might not be an ideal situation for those who just want to sample the gameplay before deciding whether they actually want to buy in. The beta does not have an end date at the moment.

Fallout 76 will be launching on November 14th for PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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