Top 10 Most Played Demos at Steam Next Fest February 2024

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Top 10 Most Played Demos at Steam Next Fest February 2024  

With the conclusion of the first Steam Next Fest of 2024, Steam has just released the list of the top 50 games with the most played demos during the festival. Many games announced and showcased during the Next Fest have either been officially released or are about to. Therefore, we have compiled a ranking of the top 10 most played games that still have a demo available to try out!

Steam Next Fest Top 10 Most Played Demos  

10 New Games with Demos on Steam to Try Out

While many games had demos available for only a limited time, some developers have decided to leave or extend the demo available. That’s why we offer below the list of the 10 most played games during the Steam Next Fest, making them also some of the best free demo to try for February 2024.


Pacific Drive

Debut title from Ironwood Studios, where we will explore the  post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. On board our trusty car, with the goal of surviving adverse weather conditions, dangers, and discovering the mysteries of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, finding valuable resources, and upgrading our vehicle.

  Steam DB Stats Pacific Drive  

Backpack Battles

Early access title from PlayWithFurcifer, Backpack Battles is essentially a roguelike with a typical deck builder system, where we’ll have to manage our inventory and challenge other players. By buying or crafting potions and aligning them correctly in our inventory.

  Steam DB Stats Backpack Battle  

Dread Dawn

A title heavily inspired by Project Zomboid in gameplay and also in style. Dread Dawn is an indie game developed and published by Kioop that offers an open world in 2.5D isometric view infested with zombies. Left behind with some schoolmates, you’ll have to survive and defend the school until help arrives.

  Steam DB Stats Dread Dawn


Millennia is a new 4X game by C Prompt Games and published by Paradox Interactive. In this 4X strategy game, we’ll have to manage our nation since the dawn of human civilization and lead it towards one of the potential futures, traversing 10,000 years of human history and unlocking or changing history.

  Steam DB Stats Millennia  


Balatro by LocalThunk is a charming and unique mix of classic Poker combined with roguelike style. Let’s say it’s more inspired by Poker than based on classic rules though. Combined with a typical deckbuilder system for a rather interesting take on the genre.

  Steam DB Stats Balatro  


Rotwood is the new title still in development by Klei Entertainment, behind the renowned Don’t Starve series. With a decidedly Klei style, Rotwood is a Dungeon Crawler where we’ll fight dangerous creatures alone or with other players in co-op.

  Steam DB Stats Rotwood  


With a demo available until February 18, 2024, Soulmask is an open-world survival game by CampFire Studio where we’ll play as a character who escaped from a ritual and discovers a mask with powerful powers. With a crafting system, we’ll have to survive and manage our tribe and uncover the mysteries behind these masks.

  Steam DB Stats Soulmask

Lightyear Frontier

Developed and published by the two teams of Frame Break and Amplifier Studios, Lightyear Frontier is an innovative farming sim set on the edge of the universe. Not only can you plant and grow your crops, but you can also take care of the environment by nurturing its ecosystem, all aboard a functional mecha. Alone or in company!

  Steam DB Stats Lightyear Frontier  

Star Trucker

Developed by Monster and Monster and published by Raw Fury, Star Trucker combines the concept of a driving simulator with that of a space sim. On board our Space Trucker, we’ll navigate through space in search of fame and fortune, rummaging through space junk in search of precious items to sell.

  Steam DB Stats Star Trucker  

Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse

Developed by Frontside 180, a team from Pocketside (behind Palworld), Never Grave is a fantastic blend of roguelite and metroidvania where we’ll play as a young witch. Both solo and in co-op, we’ll have a world heavily inspired by Hollow Knight, but with procedurally generated rooms and many interesting mechanics, like crafting potions and food.

  Steam DB Stats Never Grave: The Witch and The Curse  


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