GTA 6 Delay Feared as Take-Two Announces Layoffs

19 April 2024 at 13:27 in Gaming News with 1 comment
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Take-Two, the studio currently working on GTA 6, has suddenly laid off some employees. Naturally, this raises fears that GTA 6 might be delayed. But is it really so? Find out everything here.

Main Information

  • Take-Two has laid off 5 percent of its employees.
  • Whether there will be delays in GTA 6 is unknown.
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Take-Two Lays Off 5 Percent of Employees

Take-Two aims to lay off 600 employees, which is 5 percent of its workforce, by the end of the year. This was revealed through a document filed by Take-Two with the US SEC. This move is expected to save the company $165 million annually.

Back in February, Take-Two had announced its intentions to cut costs. Nevertheless, they decided to acquire Gearbox and the Borderlands franchise for $460 million.

GTA 6 Delay

GTA 6 Potential Delay

Take-Two is the studio behind GTA 6. Now, with the layoffs, there’s natural concern that GTA 6 might face a delay. Take-Two never explicitly mentioned which projects might suffer. However, it’s likely that some projects will be cancelled or not updated. But GTA 6 won’t be heavily impacted, as it’s expected to be the most profitable game for Take-Two. Whether Take-Two can stick to the release date remains to be seen.

Why Are So Many Employees Being Laid Off Currently?

Take-Two isn’t the only studio laying off employees at the moment. Companies like Microsoft announced in January that they would be laying off 1,900 employees, and Sony plans to lay off 900 employees this year. But why all this?

During the past years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the video game industry saw a significant rise in popularity due to social distancing and remote work. Many studios hired numerous new employees during this time. However, now that the pandemic is over and the video game industry is less popular, the surplus of new employees brings high costs.

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