Disney and Epic Games Join Forces: What Does This Mean for Gamers?

9 February 2024 at 10:20 in Gaming News with no comments
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Impact of Disney-Epic Games partnership on gamers

Disney and Epic Games have stunned the world with a new partnership that sees Disney invest $1.5 billion into Epic in what both believe will create a new games and entertainment universe.

The investment by Disney is the company, with Bog Iger telling CNBC that they want to work with Epic to create “a huge Disney universe that will be for gaming and for play and for watching and even for shopping for digital goods and maybe ultimately physical goods that will live alongside Fortnite.”

Although it will undoubtedly have an impact on gaming and the future of Fortnite, Igor sees it primarily as a money-making move which he says Disney had to make. “And this represents probably our biggest foray into the game space ever, which I think is not only timely, but an important step when you look at the demographic trends and you look at where Gen Alpha and Gen Z and even millennials are spending their time in media.”

Don’t get it wrong, there will be significant changes in Fortnite and Epic, but ultimately, Disney’s investment was made because they believe it will make them money. As Igor said himself, “it’s primarily driven by the fact that we think we can turn this into a good, solid business in terms of the bottom line.”

What games will come from the Disney-Epic Games partnership?

But what does this all mean for us gamers? Disney expects to make money from the partnership. Still for us, we can expect a new universe where we can interact with our favorite Disney characters and franchises, such as Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Avatar. For lack of a better word, Disney and Epic are creating a metaverse – one that could actually work.

In the coming years, we can reasonably expect plenty more Disney-themed content to come to Fortnite, whether that’s in terms of events, characters, skins, and items, but we can probably also expect more games featuring Disney IPs to release exclusively on Epic.

Potential for new gaming experiences

So, when does this all get started? It’s not going to be immediate. Igor revealed to CNBC that “It takes a while to build this. It’s not years, you know, maybe a couple of years, but we will see.”

We may have a few years to wait for the Disney-Epic metaverse to get up and running, but I’d expect a steady stream of content to come to the Epic Games Store and Fortnite. From there, it could be one of the biggest and most essential collaborations gaming has ever seen.

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