Dragon Ball FighterZ has Loot Boxes that WON’T Make You Cringe

By JD on January 22, 2018 Gaming News with 1 Comment
Dragon Ball FighterZ


Rumors had been floating since the beta that Dragon Ball FighterZ will have loot boxes and that they can be purchased with real money. As a result, “pay-to-win” and “cash-grab” comments might have been thrown around a bit. Thankfully, the 2D 3v3 anime fighter won’t be following in the footsteps of the most controversial games from 2017.

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The game features two types of currency — Zeni and Premium Z Coins. You’re gut is probably starting to turn with the mention of the word “premium’. Don’t worry though, it turns out that you won’t be able to purchase loot boxes or any in-game currency using real money.

Zeni is earned by completing in-game goals — winning matches, finishing story chapters, completing tutorial challenges, etc. Rewards for these goals vary, but earning a thousand of these will allow you to purchase a Z capsule. Players can also purchase 10 Z capsules at a time for 10,000 Zeni.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Z capsules contain random cosmetic items such as profile backgrounds, lobby avatars, character colors, titles and more. Premium Z Coins come into play when opening a Z Capsule results in a duplicate item. Instead of receiving the same item, you receive a Premium Z Coin. Ten of these coins can then be traded for a specific item you don’t own yet.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America’s communication director also confirmed that Zeni can only be earned in-game and cannot be purchased with real money. Arc System Works used a similar scheme as well for a previous fighter — Guilty Gear Xrd. All of this should be a breath of fresh air from all the loot box frustrations of 2017.

Dragon Ball FighterZ drops for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 26 January.


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