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Release date
14 October 2021
Official website
Exor Studios
Exor Studios
Strategy Action Adventure RPG Simulation Building ... Tower Defense Hack and Slash Survival Crafting Sandbox Exploration Sci-fi Atmospheric Action RPG Loot Mechs Isometric Base Building Resource Management

About this game

The Riftbreaker is a sci-fi base-building survival game with action RPG elements, step into the shoes of Ashley S. Novak an elite commando/scientist riding a powerful mecha suit, the bulwark of humanities efforts to colonize the distant planet of Galatea 37. For now, she is the only human on the planet the rift that she came in can only travel one way, her immediate mission is to build a two-way portal to allow for further colonization of the planet, but it is easier said than done especially with the natives knocking at your door and they don’t seem too friendly.

  • A two-way portal is a very complex machine that will require enormous amounts of energy and resources you will need to build a complex web of facilities like mines, refineries, power plants, and research facilities to even begin making it.
  • As you build facilities and expand your operation on the planet nature itself will soon start noticing you as a threat to its natural balance. Ready up your defenses construct walls, barriers, and defense towers as you repel waves and waves of attacks that will get stronger for each passing day and they will not stop until every trace of you on the planet is gone.
  • Earlier scans of Galatea 37 show perfect habitable conditions to live in, its also full of rare minerals and substances that can be found throughout the world in different biomes of the planet but be ready for anything unknown flora, fauna, and harsh weather conditions might get in your way.
  • Rift Breakers’ difficulty system can be tweaked and customized to fit your preferred playstyle change the frequency of attacks as well as their strength and numbers, resource abundance, the severity of weather events, raw enemy damage, and tons of other settings.


The Riftbreaker feels like a momentous big-budget release. Thankfully, its amazing visuals that scale well from less powerful rigs all the way to the latest GPUs keep its aesthetic an eye-popping selling point across multiple setups.



A fantastic game for any base-building fans, The Riftbreaker’s tight combination of action-RPG and tower-defense elements produce an addictively fun experience well worth the inevitable hours you’ll lose to it.


Complete Pack

This DLC pack contains a complete collection of games, DLCs, and soundtracks developed and published by Exor studios.

  • The Riftbreaker Base Game – Become the bulwark of mankind’s expansion throughout the universe Riftbreaker, a sci-fi base-building survival game with action RPG elements.
    • The Riftbreaker official soundtrack – Contains 14 tracks used in the game.
  • X-morph: Defense Base Game – A unique Combination of top-down shooter action and tower defense strategy.
    • X-morph: Defense Official Soundtrack – Contains 21 tracks used in the game.
    • X-Morph: Defense European Assault – A story add-on DLC that focuses on the story on the European front trying to repel the X-Morph invasion, concluding in a final battle in pairs near the Eiffel Tower.
    • X-Morph: Defense Survival Of The Fittest – Adds five new survival-focused campaign maps namely, Britain, Finland, South Africa, Netherlands, and France.
    • X-Morph: Defense Last Bastion – This DLC acts as the Finale of the series, it depicts humanity’s last stand at the hand of the X-morphs which takes place on 4 islands, the enemy will also be bringing 4 new units.
  • Zombie Driver HD Base Game – A top-down car-based zombie game where you shoot and run over hordes of zombies in a GTA classic kind of fashion.
    • Zombie Driver HD Official Soundtrack – Contains 20 new music tracks used in the game.
    • Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack – This DLC contains two new vehicles usable in all game modes, a new military-themed arena in the story mode, and an all-new game mode called Slaughter Mode.
    • Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage – This DLC contains six new tourney races for the Blood Race Mode.
    • Zombie Driver HD Burning Garden of Slaughter – An additional map for the Slaughter game mode.
    • Zombie Driver HD Brutal Car Skins – Seven new skins for the classic Zombie Driver Cars.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition contains the base game and the following features

  • The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror
  • The Original Soundtrack

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 2GB, AMD R7 265 2GB
  • DirectX: 11

Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • HDD: 8 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 2080, AMD Radeon 6800
  • DirectX: 11

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror

This expansion provides a new additional part of the campaign story that takes place in a recently explored biome.

  • Uncover a new branch of the Story Campaign, that will take you on a journey into the unknown.
  • Establish an Outpost in a brand-new area of the planet – if you dare.
  • Scan, analyze, and catalog the unique fauna and flora of the new biome.
  • Face several new enemy species, each posing a different kind of challenge.
  • Research new additions to the technology tree, utilizing the curiosities you discover in the new biome: buildings, weapons, and equipment.
  • Solve the mystery that remained hidden for millennia.

Include security shields
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Complete Pack
Standard Edition

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