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Release date
22 November 2019
Underdog Studio
Ci Games

About this game

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is a stealth action FPS game developed by CI Games a sequel spin-off of the original Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise; Contracts focuses mainly on a loosely connected story, you work as a paid assassin, someone has hired you to kill government officials in the newly formed Siberian republic, former territories of the Russian federation established after a few Russian generals defected and made themselves defacto dictators of the area. The client has provided you with new equipment that you can for these missions a high-tech reconnaissance mask especially useful for marking targets, of course, you are free to use any method you want to employ as long as you get the job done and you make it out alive.

  • Aside from the main objectives for each mission, there are optional bounties and challenges you can try out that might drastically change how you play, offering strong replayability incentives for adrenaline junkies and perfectionists.
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts offers realistic sniping scenarios, for you to hit a target from far away you need to accurately gauge how far you are from the target, wind direction, and other factors to assist you with this the scope has a Dynamic Reticle System which allows you to measure distances while on the move assisting you in compensating for your shot.
  • Aside from your high-tech mask, you will also be provided with other gadgets to help you in your assignments including scout drones, remote sniper turrets, gas grenades, etc.
  • Your missions will take you all over the country of Siberia from its snow-covered mountains, hidden underground bunker bases, to military camps in lush forests.


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts offers a lot in a surprisingly small package, however, with all the glitches and errors, there is just some guilty pleasure I get when I drop a sniper from 500m+. With a lackluster story mode that means relatively nothing, some good but not great graphics, an army of glitches at its disposal, and no bullet X-Ray kill cam, this game is far from perfect, and at $40 maybe even a bit overpriced.



This bundle includes:

  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: The core game.
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: The sequel that elevates the challenge with enhanced gameplay and missions.

Full Arsenal Edition

The Ghost Warrior Contracts Full Arsenal Edition encompasses:

  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: The base game.
  • P5Q STEEL: A powerful and precise sniper rifle for long-range precision.
  • Crossbow Chaos Weapon Pack: Expand your arsenal with a versatile crossbow and various ammunition options.
  • Merciless Marksman Weapon & Skin DLC Pack: Gain access to extra weapons and skins to personalize your loadout.
  • HJ 7.62: A lethal sniper rifle for precise marksmanship.
  • STURM MILITARY 45: An effective firearm for tactical combat scenarios.
  • Savage Sniper Weapons Pack: Unleash your inner sharpshooter with a collection of deadly weapons.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Savage Sniper Weapon Pack

The Savage Sniper Weapons Pack includes three deadly tools for surviving the harsh Siberian landscape:

  • PR15 HERA: This semi-automatic sniper rifle offers uninterrupted firepower, allowing you to rain down fury on your enemies with precision.
  • TAI HU: A manually operated bolt-action sniper rifle, the TAI HU prioritizes comfort and accuracy, boasting reduced muzzle flip and ultra-low recoil, making it ideal for extended sniping sessions.
  • MSSR 10: This suppressed bolt-action sniper rifle is optimized for stealth, featuring the lowest possible sound signature. Firing modified cartridges, the bullet travels just under the speed of sound, turning you into a ghostly warrior who strikes from the shadows.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Seeker’s Selects Weapon Pack

The Seeker’s Selects DLC Weapons Pack for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts includes a strategic advantage with three deadly companions, featuring:

  • Marcus Tactical 8: This powerful sniper rifle offers improved stability, ensuring your shots hit their mark with precision. Dominate the Siberian landscape with accuracy and force.
  • FFF-45 ACP: An assassin’s best friend, this specialized pistol uses luring ammo to lead unsuspecting foes to their untimely demise. Take down your targets quietly and efficiently.
  • ROCK AS100: This magazine-fed shotgun gives you the option to fire either buckshot or slugs, allowing you to choose between close-range devastation or precision shots. It’s up to you to decide which approach is more effective and, of course, more fun. Unleash the ultimate sniper starter pack and gain the upper hand in your missions!

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Crossbow Chaos Weapon Pack

The Crossbow Chaos DLC Weapon Pack for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts includes the following:

  • Crossbow: This versatile weapon is compatible with three different types of ammo, including explosive bolts. It offers a unique alternative to the traditional rifle, allowing you to deal devastating damage.
  • Model 550 TRV: A super-light and nimble weapon, the Model 550 TRV enables quick aiming and rapid firing. It’s perfect for situations where agility and speed are crucial.
  • Mad Sheriff 9: This revolver has aspirations of a shotgun, allowing you to shoot both bullets and buckshot. It offers versatility in your choice of ammunition, giving you options for various combat scenarios.
  • Car K8: Enjoy steady recoil control in fully automatic mode with the Car K8. It provides a reliable and effective weapon for sustained firefights.
  • Zeb-bruh (weapon skin): Customize your weapons with the eye-catching Zeb-bruh weapon skin, because stripes never go out of fashion.

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Full Arsenal Edition
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