Best New Games to Release this Week: April 24 – April 30

24 April 2023 at 19:30 in Gaming News with 2 comments

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Major Game Releases of the Week


Step into a world of wonder and mystery in Strayed Light, where giant shadows roam free and ancient ruins await your exploration. Get ready to embark on a long journey in this action-packed adventure that will push your combat skills to the limit as you fight to achieve transcendence and harness the energy of your enemies. Are you brave enough to uncover the secrets that lie within?

Get lost in a whole new world of excitement with Stranded: Alien Dawn, a survival game that will test your strategy skills to the max! Lead a small group of marooned survivors through a dangerous world, where you must manage their health, happiness, and basic needs while foraging for resources to keep them alive. Will you be able to survive and thrive in this unforgiving environment?

It’s time to blast off into space and take on the Empire in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the thrilling sequel to the hit game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. As Jedi Knight Cal Kestis, you’ll face new challenges and enemies as you travel through the galaxy, using your incredible Force abilities to fight for what’s right. Are you ready to take on this epic sci-fi adventure and save the universe once again?

  Best New Games Releasing This Week  

Tuesday, April 25


Strayed Lights




Amanda the Adventurer


Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord


Trinity Trigger


Stranded: Alien Dawn


Wednesday, April 26


Cassette Beasts


Honkai: Star Rail


Thursday, April 27


Dungeon Drafters


The Last Case of Benedict Fox


Live A Live


Mail Time


Mugen Souls


Omega Strikers


Protodroid Delta


Friday, April 28


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


R-Type Final 3 Evolved