Agents of Mayhem New Trailer Features The Firing Squad

22 July 2017 at 08:05 in Gaming News with no comments

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Volition released another Agents of Mayhem new trailer that features another one of its groups called The Firing Squad. They are the “morally flexible occasionally reliable” group of Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem
Agents of Mayhem PS4
Agents of Mayhem Xbox One

The Firing Squad consists of Scheherazade, Oni and Pierce Washington. Scheherazade is an assassin originally from the Middle East, she is a mysterious character and she likes to keep it that way. Oni or also known as Masamune Senachi is the son of a Japanese businessman that entered into organized crime through Legion. Oni did not approve of this and brought his family’s organization down and was offered a job at Mayhem. The third person to complete the trio is Pierce Washington or also known as Kingpin. He originates from the United States, he is a Mayhem agent as well as the acting leader of the Vice Kings.

Watch The Firing Squad in action in the Agents of Mayhem new trailer below: If you have noticed in the video, it features the swapping powers of the groups which is described as, “with the teleport technology capability of Mayhem agents in your squad are able to instantly teleport into and out of combat. This allows on-the-fly swapping of agents in the field, allowing one to heal while the other takes their place, or allowing the best agent for a particular fight or task in your squad of three to replace the currently active one.”

Agents of Mayhem launches on August 15 (US) and August 18 (EU). Available to be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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