10 Popular Puzzle Games to Give Your Brain a Challenge

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Top 10 Puzzle Games on PC Right Now

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Scribblenauts Unlimited is an amazing puzzle game developed by 5th Cell Media. It is widely embraced by many players for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is it manages to appeal to a wide audience which makes it accessible to new players and veterans alike. It does so by rewarding creativity and very few are absent an imagination. For this reason especially, the reviews on Steam have been very positive. It also doesn’t hurt that the game was developed by an award-winning franchise.



Colibri Games’ The Tiny Bang Story is a truly amazing puzzle game that basically markets itself as its features are that good. The gameplay takes place on a planet that has just recently been struck by a meteorite, granting you the honour of becoming the saviour of an otherwise damned planet. What makes this endeavour truly fun and exciting is your imagination, creativity, and wit conclude your arsenal. The game also gets a lot of cool points for its accessibility as there is absolutely no text featured.



On the 12th of July 2016, Dry Cactus delivered players an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator game named Poly Bridge. Since then, the game has garnered droves of fans which document their addiction in the thousands of very positive reviews left on its Steam page. The main lure is the physics-based, puzzle solving campaign levels featured. For others, it is the Sandbox Mode in which players have full creative freedom to build whatever type of bridge their hearts’ desire.



Tequila Works’ adventure puzzle game, RiME, has been one of the most celebrated titles in the genre since its release in May of 2017. In the game, players get to explore the beautiful and rugged world in which their wit is their most valuable asset. Through effectively and consistently applying said asset, players will unveil some of the game’s most shrouded secrets. The developers must have done something right because of over 1,600 reviews, the vast majority are very positive.



The Talos Principle is now among the lot of games that have overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. According to Gamespot, “The Talos Principle is an absolute joy to play.” One of the reasons the game is so highly favoured is it is multifaceted. Though it is dominantly puzzle-based, it is played from a first-person perspective, has science-fiction elements, and still manages to be a story-rich title. For all those reasons and more, The Talos Principle is one of the most popular puzzle games in the genre.



Thekla, Inc.’s The Witness is a puzzle game that dares to be different and now consequently, is one of the most popular games of the genre. The game places you in the shoes of an individual in a very unfortunate predicament. As the individual, you awaken and find that you are stranded on an island which is bad enough as is, but you also have amnesia. As you traverse the land desperately trying to make sense of your reality you must complete a host of challenging puzzles of scaling difficulty levels.



Human: Fall Flat is another title that has been cheered by the masses for its uniqueness. In the game, players assume the role of Bob, an eccentric hero who persists to dream about surreal places laden with puzzles that he must solve if he is to ever find an exit. One major selling point of the game is the developers simply provide you with a general goal, and how you get there is entirely up to you. Also, the efficiency with which you complete the puzzles is solely dependent on your application of wit.



Baba Is You is a puzzle game that is adored by folks who relish the cognitive exercise it requires. In the game, the rules are presented as intractable blocks that can be manipulated to fundamentally alter the mechanics of the game. Much of the game’s popularity is attributed to the existence of this feature. Players can appoint new purposes to things uncovered in levels, which often lead to some of the most spontaneous and surprising interactions.



Portal 2 did exceptionally well at launch and continues to do so even 8 years after its initial release. Some would argue that the game had the recipe for greatness from day one as it had borrowed inspiration from its multi-award-winning predecessor, Portal. On Steam, Portal 2’s reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This too comes as no surprise considering both the game and the storefront is Valve owned. Being available on multiple platforms also aids in the title’s popularity.



Supraland is an exceptional puzzle game that has borrowed inspiration from some of the best games ever released, namely Zelda, Porta, and Metroid. The developers basically took the best aspects of each of the mentioned titles, then amalgamated them into one amazing package that is Supraland. The quality of the game is reflected in the game’s Steam reviews which are overwhelmingly positive. The following the game has acquired since its release is truly remarkable.


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