Xbox Game Pass August 2023: Schedule of Confirmed Titles

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Xbox Game Pass August 2023 starts strong with Celeste joining the library today. Here’s an update of the games joining and leaving the subscription service this month!

  Xbox Game Pass August  

Key Facts

  • A total of eight confirmed games to be released for Xbox Game Pass August 2023
  • Sea of Stars and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be a day one Xbox Game Pass game
  • Four confirmed titles leaving Xbox Game Pass on August 15, 2023
  • Xbox reveals Games with Gold last two free games: Blue Fire and Inertial Drift
Xbox Game Pass August 2023  

Xbox Game Pass August 2023 Joining Titles


Celeste (Cloud, Console, and PC)


The critically acclaimed indie platformer with challenging gameplay and a heartwarming story is making a comeback to the Xbox Game Pass library today August 1, 2023.

Starting the month strong with Celeste, a narrative-driven single-player platformer that is set to touch any player with its self-discovery narrative.


A Short Hike (Cloud, Console, PC)


Another iconic and well-loved indie game, A Short Hike, is set to follow Celeste to the Game Pass library in a couple of days. Available in the library on August 3, 2023.

Play a teenage bird named Claire as she climbs to the highest point of a mountain. Discover amazing places and see animals that will make the journey extra special.


Broforce Forever (Cloud, Console, and PC)


Broforce Forever is coming to the Game Pass library next week August 8, 2023. This is a major update from the Broforce release in 2014.

It now features an improved and expanded campaign, six new playable characters, four additional challenge levels, and a lot of overdue bug fixes.


Limbo (Cloud, Console, and PC)


Limbo, another indie adventure game will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers starting August 9, 2023.

If you’re looking for a challenging and atmospheric puzzle-platformer, then Limbo is definitely worth checking out. It requires the player to think outside the box while going through a surprisingly touching story with an awesome sound score designed to create a sense of tension and suspense.


Airborne Kingdom (Cloud, Console, and PC)


On a third-day streak of video game drops, Airborne Kingdom is joining the library on August 10, 2023.

Airborne Kingdom presents a breathtaking city building and management game set in the skies. Manage your population, gather resources, and build structures amidst the clouds and navigate it across a vast open landscape.


Everspace 2 (Cloud and Xbox Series X|S)


Everspace 2 released for PC a few months ago and is now going to be available for Xbox users on August 15, 2023.

Embark on an exciting sci-fi adventure, exploring massive, meticulously crafted areas filled with secrets, puzzles, and dangers! Level up, craft, and acquire superior gear to endure the harshness of the space frontier.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Console and PC)


Start playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on its release date August 18, 2023 for free as one of the two day one Xbox Game Pass games this month!

Enjoy this multiplayer horror game based on the classic film series of the same name. In this third-person asymmetrical horror experience, players have the option to take on the roles of either one of the infamous Slaughter family members or their unfortunate victims.


Sea of Stars


Big news in the game subscription world as Sea of Stars releases as day one game in both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus on August 29, 2023. This marks the first ever game to do so.

Embark on an epic turn-based RPG, where players are taken on a mesmerizing journey alongside two Children of the Solstice who must harness the powers of both the sun and moon to wield the only force capable of defending against The Fleshmancer.


Xbox Game Pass August 2023 Leaving Titles

As we welcome new titles to the Game Pass library every month, we also say goodbye to some. You still have some time left as the following games will not leave the service until August 15, 2023.

  • Death Stranding (PC)
  • Total War: Warhammer III (PC)
  • Edge of Eternity (Cloud, console, and PC)
  • Midnight Fight Express (Cloud, console, and PC)

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Free Xbox Games with Gold August 2023

As Games with Gold come to an end on September 1, Xbox has released the last 2 free games from the monthly service.

Blue Fire and Inertial Drift will be available to download the entire month of August for qualified Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. These games together with the ones you redeemed during Xbox Live Gold days will be accessible to you as long as you maintain an Xbox Game Pass Core or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.


Check here to know more information on the transition to Xbox Game Pass Core happening next month.

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