World War Z: Aftermath – The Ultimate Co-op Zombie Shooter

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World War Z: Aftermath brings new features that elevates your zombie shooting experience with your friends.

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World War Z: Aftermath promises to give you the ultimate zombie co-op shooting experience with a host of new features that will surely captivate old and new players.

The game boasts itself as the “next evolution” of the original World War Z game which has over 15 million players to date. It brings you to new zombie-infested cities as you immerse yourself in its new story episodes. You won’t have to face the hordes alone because you can enlist your friends, or AI teammates to battle the undead.


World War Z: Aftermath – Key Features


New Story Episodes


World War Z: Aftermath has two new story episodes, and they’re set in Rome (including Vatican City) and Kamchatka in Russia.

The Rome episode will challenge you into taking back Vatican City in an epic confrontation unlike any other. Then comes the Kamchatka episode which will have you join forces with other survivors in this snowy Russian region.

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New Ways to Fight the Undead


The game adds a new and brutal melee system featuring two-handed and double-wield weapons. Use cleavers, sickles, sledgehammer, fire axe, and more as you immerse yourself in its new first-person mode.

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Deep Hero Progression


There are eight classes that each have its own perks. The new Vanguard class is something to look forward to as it is armed with an electrified shield that you can use to plow through zombies and deal devastating damage to them.

You can also customize your weapons and take on daily missions with special modifiers to earn bonuses.

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Full Cross-Play Support


Now you can play with your friends (up to 3 players in co-op) even if you’re playing using different platforms and devices. World War Z: Aftermath has full cross-play support across PC (Steam and Epic Games), Playstation and Xbox, and Switch.


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Experience Zombie Action in Next-Gen


The game is built for next-gen players too as it features up to 60 FPS  and 4K resolution. The new Horde Mode XL is another new feature that stands out as it brings hundreds more zombies than ever before on your screen. This mode is exclusive for PC, Xbox Series, and Playstation 5, and will be launched as an update after the game’s official release.

  World War Z Aftermath Horde Mode XL

World War Z: Aftermath launches September 21, 2021. You’ll save more on your CD key purchase when you use Allkeyshop’s price comparison service and buy from our trusted stores.


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