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Key Facts

  • Winter Survival released on March 6, 2024 for PC via Steam
  • Winter Survival Prologue is still live on Steam; although it is already outdated
  • The game’s free demo was added to Steam late last month

Winter Survival is a story-driven sandbox survival game set against the harsh backdrop of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. You will play as a sole survivor who must battle the brutal elements of winter while also scavenging for food and crafting weapons.

The game features three modes: Story mode, Coldwave mode, and Endless mode giving you hours and hours of survival skill challenges.

Winter Survival released on March 6, 2024 for PC via Steam. No console version has been announced yet.

Winter Survival Release

Winter Survival is out now and you can fully customize how you want to start the game. One of the latest updates the dev posted is that you can alter your gameplay at the beginning of each run.

You will have different starting scenarios you can choose from and you can also choose the level of difficulty you want to start with.

As for the actual gameplay, you can expect these things on Winter Survival Early Access release:

  • 100+ Crafting Recipes
  • 6+ Symptoms
  • 15+ Buffs
  • 20+ Debuffs
  • 33 Adaptation Levels
  • 150+ Consumables
  • 9 Crafting Stations; and,
  • Countless ways to die!

For the worldwide release of the game, check below for exact date and time per region.



Where can I play Winter Survival for free?

The game released the demo late January 2024 but as of writing, the Winter Survival free demo is no longer live which is a bit of a bummer since that (being it was just released) is more akin to the full version.

So for now, you can still play the game for free, well parts of it, with the Winter Survival Prologue. It is still live on Steam but the devs pointed out that since it was released a year ago, it is already outdated.

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