Still Wakes the Deep Day-one on Game Pass – PS Plus Preorder Discount Available

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Still Wakes the Deep Launches on Game Pass: Get it cheaper on PS Plus? Claim Pre-order Discounts via Allkeyshop Now and prepare for an intense Horror Experience

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Key Facts

  • Still Wakes the Deep is launching day-one on Game Pass
  • The game is currently offered with a preorder discount of 10% with Playstation Plus
  • A physical copy for the Playstation 5 version is confirmed

Still Wakes the Deep is a new survival horror game where you play as Caz McLeary who is an electrician trapped on a damaged oil rig in the North Sea during a harsh December storm in 1975. While trying to escape, you’ll also be evading a mysterious creature lurking on the rig.

The game is played from a first-person perspective where you’ll need to navigate the treacherous environment, solve puzzles, and avoid the monster to survive.

Where to play Still Wakes the Deep for free?

Still Wakes the Deep is confirmed to launch day-one on Game Pass. So for gamers with an active subscription, you can start playing the game for free on June 18. It will be available to play on Game Pass PC, Console, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It is one of the three games already announced for Game Pass June 2024. The other two titles are Rolling Hills which is also a day-one, and Fireworks. The official announcement of wave 1 titles for June lineup has not been released but with these three already confirmed, subscribers can start getting very excited for next month.

But although it seems like Xbox Game Pass subscribers are getting all the fun with Still Wakes the Deep, Playstation users have something in their camp too.

Playstation Plus subscribers can enjoy a 10% discount when preordering the game. This offer is valid on all Playstation Store online until June 18, 2024. As for it being part of next month’s PS Plus Essential free games or PS Plus Games Catalog, we can only hope for it for now as the announcement has also not been revealed.

Will there be Still Wakes the Deep physical copy?

Yes! The devs have confirmed in the game’s official X account that a physical version of Still Wakes the Deep will be released for Playstation 5. You can start pre ordering it upon launch of the digital version on June 18 via online and local retailers. Unfortunately for Xbox users, the physical disc for this platform has not been announced nor confirmed.

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