Windows 11 Leaks Show Big Improvements For Gamers

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Updated 25/06/2021


On June 24, Microsoft streamed the Microsoft Windows Event, and showcased Windows 11, which means good news for gamers.

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Microsoft has finally launched Windows 11, and it shows some impressive new features and integrations.

Windows 11 features a new Start menu, rounded corners, and a user interface similar to Windows 10X.

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One immediate change to note is the taskbar is now centered. You can choose to move the taskbar to the left if you prefer that, but clicking through open windows could be easier with the centered approach.

The Windows Start menu is simplified from Windows 10, showing fewer apps but still containing pinned apps, recent files, and the shutdown and restart buttons.

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There is also a dark mode for those that prefer the option.

Oh, and there’s a new Windows 11 startup sound, which I like. You can hear it here, thanks to Tom Warren on Twitter.

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If you hate dragging windows around and trying to position them when not in fullscreen, well, Windows 11 allows you to easily snap windows into a set position so you can quickly arrange them on your desktop.

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The biggest news though, is what improvements gamers can expect.




Rumors for a while had suggested that Microsoft had been working on a new Windows Store, Xbox, and Game Pass app for months, and, with Windows 11, all these apps will perform better and be more streamlined.

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It’s no secret that gaming is bigger than ever, and Windows 11 will reportedly feature better CPU and GPU performance optimizations, with the operating system taking up fewer resources so games can benefit.

Early benchmarks show that Windows 11 benefits from a better CPU and GPU performance over Windows 10.

BenAnonymous put both the operating systems against each other in various tests, using a Notebook with an Intel Core i7 10875H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super.

3DMark Score:

  • Windows 10: Score of 6,872 at 4.8GHz
  • Windows 11: Score of 7,613 at 4.9 GHz

CPU Score:

  • Single-core Score of 1,138 and a multi-core score of 6,284, at 4.8GHz
  • Single-core Score of 1,251 and a multi-core score of 7,444, at 4.9GHz

The early scores may not seem like much, but it translates to a 7% increase in GPU performance and an incredible 35% CPU performance increase.

These are just a few benchmarks, and of course, hardware will make a difference to any increase in performance you see. For a few more benchmarks, you can check TechSpot here.

With all the expected changes, such as improved Xbox integration on Windows 11 and general performance tweaks, we may see an operating system dedicated to gaming soon..

The early expectations suggest Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Pro, and a streamlined Windows 11 SE edition..




In a blog post on the official Xbox site, Sarah Bond says that Windows 11 is a place “everyone can play, connect, and create.”

Xbox Game Pass Windows 11

With Windows 11, games will look better thanks to Auto HDR, a technique that allows games on DirectX 11 to support a wider range of brightness and colors for extra layers of richness and depth.

Windows 11 also introduces DirectStorage, a new technology that loads game assets to graphics cards so that CPUs are not overloaded, with load times significantly reduced.




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