Watch 34 Minutes Of The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Footage

27 September 2017 at 02:28 in Gaming News with 1 comment

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With the game launching soon enough, PCGamer was able to make 34 minutes of The Evil Within 2 gameplay footage. Of course, there are a few spoilers because 34 minutes is already quite lengthy.

The Evil Within 2
The Evil Within 2 PS4
The Evil Within 2 Xbox One

The gameplay footage will let you feast your eyes on a few features of the game like weapons and ammo crafting, it’s open world approach that is broken down into sections, a mini-boss, and it’s crazy hallways.

Unlike the previous game, this time around, they are offering open world elements as compared to just being linear. This will allow your character, Detective Castellanos to explore a few areas first before diving right into the linear story. The game “is scary, but it’s also not scary because you get to go into like open world elements…this one has a series of little open worlds to explore,” said Jordan of PCGamesN.

Players can see safe houses across the game. They are usually found before any entry point to each hub. Sometimes safe houses would have friendly faces that you can talk to, it even has coffee which can replenish your health.

You will also get to see one crazy mini-boss made up of human parts and what looks like a chainsaw. It has multiple heads of women and it will chase you around an enclosed space until you kill it. A few tips can be seen on how to do this in the gameplay video.

Watch the 34 action-packed minutes of The Evil Within 2 gameplay below:

The Evil Within 2 launches on October 13, 2017, available to play on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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