Valve Officially Announce Counter-Strike 2, Releases This Summer

24 March 2023 at 19:06 in Gaming News with no comments

Valve has officially announced Counter-Strike 2 will release this summer.

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  Valve Announce Counter-Strike 2 Will Release This Summer    

Key Facts

  • Valve has announced Counter-Strike 2.
  • Counter-Strike 2 will release this summer as a free upgrade to CS: GO.
  • The game will come with new rendering tools and features to make maps and weapons more realistic.



Valve has just dropped the announcement that Counter-Strike 2 is coming this summer and it will be a free upgrade to CS: GO.

  Counter-Strike 2 Release Date  

Counter-Strike 2 is the “next era” of CS, and features and updates are planned for years to come.

Counter-Strike 2 will be cleaner and brighter than CS: GO, with maps rebuilt from the ground up using new Source 2 tools and rendering features to produce realistic lighting and reflections.

Weapons also see an overhaul, with all stock weapons upgraded to high-resolution models and legacy weapons supported – and yes, you keep all the weapons you’ve collected from CS: GO.

And modders and map designers have more tools as all these new features will be available in the Source 2 Item Workshop to allow community-made maps and items.

Counter-Strike 2 will release this coming summer as a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with a limited test version of the game available from March 22.




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