Upcoming MMO New World Crafting System Explained

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Upcoming MMO New World Crafting System Explained  

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New World, Amazon’s upcoming MMO, has had a new post dropped on its official website that showcases how the game’s crafting system will work.

New World’s crafting system is fundamental to character progression and is essential if you are to survive in the world. Below we go through a few of the main points of the crafting system that is highlighted on the game’s official website.

Crafting consumables have a chance to produce extra resources the further you progress the skill. This will be more notable when you are crafting in bulk.

When you are crafting equipment, the higher your skill the better your gear will be, also raising will be the minimum equipment score. For instance, at the beginning, you will be able to craft weapons with a score of 200-210, but as you improve your skills both of these scores will rise.

Crafting equipment has a chance to produce one or more perks during the process, this includes the chance of gaining a socket for a gemstone. This will be random, however, as you gain experience there will be certain things you can do to improve your chances.


New World Crafting


Learning to maximize your resources will be important if you want to achieve the best results. For instance, if you want to craft a steel sword, you can choose to use more steel in the process, therefore increasing your chances of producing your desired result.

You will be able to choose modifiers when crafting to ensure that your item of equipment will have the chance to at least have one perk that you wish it to have.

It’s not all about weapons and equipment, the crafting system allows you to build the home you want. You will be able to craft furniture, and perhaps more importantly chests that will increase your storage volume.

New World is a game where the skills of the player will decide the battle, rather than what items are dropped when exploring.

You can jump into the New World when it launches on August 25, 2020.



New World Release Delayed to August 2020


Amazon’s New World release has been delayed to August 25, 2020. In a blog post, the developer has announced the unfortunate news, saying that while developers have been working on the game from their respective homes, they saw the need to delay its release because of COVID-19.

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