Torchlight 3 Character Classes | Here’s What You Need To Know

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Torchlight 3 Character Classes  

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Torchlight 3 has recently launched into Early Access, and much of the discussion around the game has been on its character classes, so below we go through the game’s classes so far and how they work, with a few of their skills explained.


The newest of the classes in Torchlight 3, the Sharpshooter is a ranged specialist, using guns, bows, and magical trinkets to deal ranged damage, as well as having a host of area of effect abilities to take down enemies.


  • Scatter Shot – using your weapon deal a burst of cone damage with projectiles, holding it down will increase its damage.
  • Heart Seeker – A piercing arrow that knocks enemies back, dealing damage and inflicting bleeding.
  • Targeted Strikes – Fire three piercing shots that each deal weapon damage, successful multiple hits on a target increases damage.
  • Scouts Bones – Summon an ancient rat spirit swarm that moves slowly, dealing damage and poisoning targets.
  • Sacrifice to Goose – Call down the Spirit of the great eagle, Goose, who knocks back enemies and applies damage vulnerability.
  • Loyal Shasta – Summon the spirit of Shasta, dealing weapon damage and taunting enemies.


The most unique class to Torchlight 3 can build and control trains, dealing powerful attacks by sending the trains down tracks laid by the character.


  • Add Track – The Railmaster will continue to lay track behind themselves until the skill is canceled, with a gun turret train car being able to deploy and move down the track to attack enemies.
  • Mortar Car – The train gains a Mortar Car that can fire explosive payloads at enemies, activating the skill will launch an incendiary round that will deal fire damage over time.
  • Shield Car – Reduce damage to allies within range of the Shield Car’s effect, activating the skill will create a larger, stronger shield area for a short time.
  • Ghost Train – Summon the spirit of an ancient train, dealing massive amounts of damage and knocking enemies back.
  • Pound – Slam your Railhammer against the ground and deal weapon damage, with a chance to stun enemies.
  • Lantern Flash – Use your ancient lantern to blind your enemies and burn them for 125% damage.


Torchlight 3’s mech class is also the most flexible, with high maneuverability, an extra weapon slot on their chest, and the ability to use weapons, melee, and magic, taking advantage of single target, and area of effect damage and debuffs.


  • Rapid Fire – Fire a torrent of bullets for cannon damage.
  • Vent: Coal Launch – Deal weapon damage on impact and further additional damage over time by launching hot coals from your furnace.
  • Poison Dart – Fire a poison dart that explodes on impact, leaving a lingering spot that will poison enemies who stand in that area.
  • Sonic Pulse – A pulse that will expose enemy weaknesses, increases damage, and has a chance to stun enemies.
  • Ramming Robot – Charge headlong into enemies, dealing weapon damage and knocking them back.
  • Fracking Strike – Using your fists, send waves of earth into your enemies to deal weapon damage and slowing them.

Dusk Mage

The natural magic wielder of all the classes in Torchlight 3, the Dusk Mage is a ranged character, relying on its slows and debuffs to enemies at bay. The Dusk Mage can buff allies, and debuff enemies depending on whether they choose the Light or Dark ability trees.


  • Holy Bolt – Deal extra weapon damage by firing a holy bolt at the enemy.
  • Holy Fury – Focus an energy beam that deals weapon damage and slows enemies.
  • Absolver – Fire three piercing bolts of light that each deal weapon damage to enemies.
  • Consecration – Buff allies within your circle with bonus damage, and gain additional damage per ally in the circle.
  • Entropy – Fire an unstable dark energy ball that hits for bonus weapon damage, and then splits off to deal damage equal to itself.
  • Damnation – Corrupt an area and make all enemies inside do reduced damage, slaying an enemy in the area grants you mana back.

Torchlight 3 is a unique game and the classes help the game stand out. You can get the game now on Steam Early Access, with the game hopefully launching later in the year.



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