Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games 2018

Here we present the Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games 2018 we have prepared for you. Battle Royale games is a format of games that has become very popular over the last few years, if not the most popular of all because of the success of Fortnite.

The rules of this format are simple. You are sent to a closed but big arena, that progressively gets smaller and smaller, it is often an island. “All” you have to do then is survive to the other players and the environment. The last alive wins.

The very origin of the idea of Battle Royale comes from the 2000 Japanese film called Battle Royale. On the video game side, the genre was first implemented as mods for ARMA2 and Minecraft, but it really started to be popularized by streamers on Twitch like Lirik (see our channel here) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with more than 40 million copies sold as well as the now super famous Fortnite.

If you like this popular format, or just want to try it, you can check our list of the top 10 best battle royale games.

games like battle royale 2018

Discover our Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games 2018


What do the games in the Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games 2018 have in common?

Well, obviously they are all Battle Royale Games, which means large scale Player vs Player combats where only one player will survive. There is also a countdown to the end of the battle often under the form of a periodically shrinking dome/poison field that will damage you. Those games are mostly FPS (First Person Shooters) where you have to collect equipment and weapons to kill your opponents.

A few games in the list have some special features, like Battlerite being top view and having almost an MMO feel to it, or CoD Blackout being an update to an existing popular franchise. Battlefield 5 also is preparing a BR mode that could dethrone the most popular BR actually, Fortnite. But if we only had to recommend one, we would bet on Blackout surpassing Fortnite when it releases the 12th of October due to the polish and fun that everyone has been able to experience during the recently past Betas.

What do you think? Do you think we forgot important Battle Royale games in our top? Tell us what you would have picked in the comments below!

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