Titanfall 2 Titans Introduced in New Trailer

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Get to know the Titanfall 2 Titans!

Respawn has released a new trailer which introduces the Titanfall 2 Titans players can choose from in multiplayer mode. These Titans each have their own abilities which will definitely help you during multiplayer matches. Another awesome thing is that the Titans also have their own badass weapons such as high powered shotguns, thermite launchers, and rifles.

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 PS4

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Titanfall 2 Titans


Northstar is described as a “sniper who can fly” due to him possessing both precision and flying skills. His primary weapon is a Plasma Railgun which is a sniper railgun that charges up while it is zoomed.

  • ORDNANCE: Cluster Missile – Creates sustained  explosions upon impact
  • TACTICAL: Vtol Hover – Vertical take-off hover
  • DEFENSIVE: Tether Trap – Northstar can set mines that can lockdown nearby enemy titans
  • CORE: Flight Core – Hover; unleashes rockets to targets below


Ronin has a Samurai vibe, so it’s the perfect Titan if you want to get up-close. His primary weapon is a Leadwall Shotgun, a low-capacity, high-power shotgun that bounces off walls.


  • ORDNANCE: Arc Wave – Ronin creates an electric wave as he swipes his sword on the ground which damages and slows enemies that are hit by it
  • TACTICAL: Phase Dash – To avoid incoming fire, and to create an element of surprise, Ronin can dash in a given direction and temporarily phase out of the world
  • DEFENSIVE: Sword Block – Use his sword to reduce damage taken from attacks
  • CORE: Sword Core – Gives access to new sword attacks and empowers his melee and sword activities


As his name suggests, Scorch is a Titan that manipulates fire. Its primary weapon, the T-203 Thermite Launcher, sets anything on its  path ablaze.


  • ORDNANCE: Firewall – Scorch fires a wall of thermite to the enemies’ direction
  • TACTICAL: Incendiary Trap – Flammable gas canisters, which are trigerred by even the smallest sparks, are deployed
  • DEFENSIVE: Thermal Shield – Incoming artillery are liquified, while nearby enemies are dealt with damage
  • CORE: Flame Core – Creates a giant wave of fire which destroys anything in its path


Ion has three weapons system that are able to divert power between them through its energy management abilities. The Splitter Rifle is its primary weapon, which has the ability to leverage its central energy system to fire three shots at once.


  • ORDNANCE: Laser Shot – This shoulder-mounted lethal beam can cut through anything in its way
  • TACTICAL: Tripwire – Laser-trigerred explosive mines
  • DEFENSIVE: Vortex Shield – Absorbs incoming fire and redirects it back at the enemy
  • CORE: Laser Core – A deadly oversized laser beam that’s capable of stopping anything in its path


Legion uses an assortment of ballistic abilities which focuses on defense and control. Its Predator Cannon has a long spin up time before it starts firing.


  • ORDNANCE: Power Shot – In close range, it knocks back nearby enemies. In long range, it damages all enemies  in its path
  • TACTICAL: Mode Switch – Switches between long range and close range precision rounds
  • DEFENSIVE: Gun Shield – A protective shield from its Predator Cannon is deployed
  • CORE: Smart Core – Its primary weapon, the Predator Cannon, automatically locks in to anything within its range


Tone lays down explosive wastes to enemies. Its Tracker 40mm primary weapon shoots semi-automatic explosive rounds.


  • ORDNANCE: Tracker Rockets – Fires missiles to fully locked-on enemies
  • TACTICAL: Sonar Lock – Reveals enemies in an area and establishes partial lock
  • DEFENSIVE: Particle Wall – A protective barrier placed in front of Tone which it can shoot through
  • CORE: Salvo Core – A barrage of rockets that can be guided while in flight is unleashed. Any locked target that Tone looks at is prioritized.



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