THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024: Gothic Remake, Titan Quest 2 & More

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THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024: Gothic Remake, Titan Quest 2 & More

THQ Nordic has finally confirmed their much-awaited Digital Showcase for 2024. An annual event for the publisher since 2021, where they unveil new releases and also announce upcoming games in development. Certainly an occasion for many to see new games with budgets not necessarily AAA but often manage to surprise with interesting games and sequels to great classics.

What to Expect from the THQ Digital Showcase 2024

As usual, the showcase is expected to last about thirty minutes with various announcements and teasers for the various games in development under the THQ publisher. We’ll have about a dozen trailers, and for now, THQ Nordic seems intent on not revealing any titles until the showcase date. However, we do have confirmed news on the highly anticipated Titan Quest 2, announced just last year alongside the Gothic Remake. So, two great classics are coming with a sequel for Titan Quest following the remastered original with the 2016 Anniversary Edition, and a Remake for Gothic aiming to bring the series back to its former glory.

While these are the confirmed titles, there are also many other games that could be showcased during the event. Some of which include:

  • Project Minerva: An Action RPG with a top-down view set in an open-world ancient setting, likely with Greek mythology.
  • Space for Sale: A charming colony sim where players can experience farming sim-style gameplay in an alien world, interacting with fauna and playing both solo and in co-op.
  • Wreckreation: An open-world racing game where players have about 400 kilometers of drivable and fully buildable road, combining sandbox experience with thrilling racing.
  • TMNT The Last Ronin: A Ninja Turtles adventure based on the graphic novel of the same name, featuring a darker and more mature atmosphere than the series, with Michelangelo as the protagonist.

Another small note is about Tempest Rising, a post-apocalyptic RTS set in a future Earth after a nuclear conflict. Developed by Slipgate Ironworks and published by 3D Realms, not directly connected to THQ Nordic but both publishers are linked to Embracer and it could appear during the showcase along with many other titles.

The Date of the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024

The date announced by THQ Nordic for the Showcase is indeed 2 August 2024, at 3:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM CEST). Definitely a day to mark on the calendar and part of the various showcases planned for the summer season like the Xbox Games Showcase and the Summer Game Fest in early June. So, a summer certainly rich in new announcements for a 2024 that started with a bang and doesn’t seem to stop, and let’s hope for more concrete news for Titan Quest and Gothic!

THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024 Official Date on 2d August


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