The Earth and Moon Can Be Yours in Anno 2205!

2 November 2015 at 12:13 in Gaming News with no comments



Anno 2205 goes high-tech and explores the deepest regions of space! The beloved city builder takes humankind into the future. This time around you will be conquering earth, building huge cities, grand industrial complexes and secure humankind’s future by travelling into space.

You must venture into space, settle on the moon, and go join a race for resource and power. A new infusion energy has been found that will revolutionize the very existence of humans, and its necessary that we get our hands on them, this helium -3 is so important and can only be found on the moon itself.



Anno’s economic gameplay masterpiece is back and taking strategic city-building simulation to new heights, venturing into the unknown. The basic Anno mechanics hasn’t been changed. You’ll build a city over time, progressively upgrading dwellings to new social levels (workers > operators > executives > magnates) as you provide them with resources to work with. If you have more resource-gathering buildings, the more workers you’ll need and therefore the more houses you build, which in turn need their own resources, and so on.




Anno 2205 looks stunning. Blue Byte’s design team has done an incredible job in making the cities look not just beautiful, but busy too.



Anno 2205 gives you access to thousands of hours of challenging gameplay that lets you go beyond the story and ultimately grow monumental cities with thousands of buildings.




It introduces a new game engine that offers a true sense of perfection and brings a whole new level of detail and realism.



Make your city  come to life with flying cars and more than a million unique citizens alongside factories, grinding mines, and amazing wildlife, all completely animated and driven by the player.

Anno 2205 will be officially released on November 3,2015 and is available to be activated on Uplay for PC. Don’t forget that our price comparison tool will help you compare CD key stores and prices and get the best deals for this game!