The Binding of Isaac AfterBirth Boasts Awesome New Features

2 October 2015 at 16:33 in Gaming News with 1 comment


The famous indie hit The Binding of Isaac Rebirth will receive its well-deserved afterbirth expansion by October 30, 2015. This expansion pack is said to add another 100+ hours to the game, according to a blog post by developer Edmund McMillen. The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth will also add a new Greed Mode that re-balances the game with a fresh high risk, high reward mechanic, a couple of new endings, and a new final boss.

The main campaign also adds a fresh final new area, new daily quests, challenge, 120 new items and 4 alternate chapters with a greatly improved soundtrack. The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth will also add 1000 new rooms, new enemies , a ridiculously strong boss and a new playable character by the name of Lilith, Mother of Demons.


Here’s a complete list of what you can expect from the upcoming DLC:

  • 100+ new items
  • 10 new challenges
  • A new playable character (Lilith)
  • A full new game mode that expands the game by 100+ hours
  • New alternate floors
  • A new alternate ‘final chapter’
  • A boatload of new bosses & enemies
  • More tasty secrets
  • 8 new transformations
  • More poop than your eyes can handle
  • 6+ new music tracks

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth is available on Steam, and will also land on other platforms very soon.