Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Delayed, But New Trailer Impresses

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Delayed, But New Trailer Impresses

Test Drive Unlimited is a name that hasn’t been heard for over a decade, but thanks to Nacon, with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, it seems to mark the return of this series with this new reboot. While awaiting its release date, you might enjoy playing these racing titles that share some aspects with Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown.

Test Drive Unlimited: About the Series

Test Drive Unlimited is a series born as a reboot and spin-off of the famous Test Drive series, which emerged back in 1987 and saw various titles and ports until the arrival of Unlimited. Published by Atari in 2006, Unlimited offered a reboot of the series by featuring an entire island, Oahu, to explore with over 1600 km of roads. All accompanied by luxury and classic cars. We’ll play as a customizable character of our choice and proceed with buying a house, then buying new ones, new cars, and participating in the most challenging races like the final race “Millionaire’s Challenge,” which involved racing across the entire Oahu in a race lasting about 1 hour. Another notable aspect is the presence of the online component available even in single-player mode, allowing players to play together or compete against others in all normally available activities.

Following Unlimited 2 on February 8, 2011, which not only saw the return of Oahu but also introduced Ibiza, with various cars divided into categories and the need to unlock licenses for each category. The goal is to progress and participate in the prestigious Solar Crown championship, accompanied by a sort of storyline to give context to the game. Although the servers have been closed for years, the contribution of the community, and especially their passion, has restored almost all online components thanks to dedicated servers.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: What’s New and Release Date

In 2016, Nacon acquired the rights to the Test Drive IP from Atari, and since 2020, they have been working on Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. From what has been shown so far, we know about the return of the Solar Crown championship, and this time we’ll find ourselves on Hong Kong Island. The KT Racing team talks about how they have recreated the island on a 1:1 scale with approximately 550 km of drivable road. Although smaller compared to previous iterations, Solar Crown will be much denser in content and challenges related to every district of the island. There is also a greater focus on competitive and online components, as well as broader customization of each car’s components, even being able to adjust the size and direction of decals.

Among the new features, we have about 300 collectibles, including Solar Coins, Reputation, and special items. Additionally, the team talks about the presence of car parts through which we will be able to build two special cars from scratch! However, to wrap it all up, the team mentions how they are continuing to work to bring and optimize the title to the best, implicitly hinting at a further delay. Another delay from the initial expected release date in 2023, with a date yet to be determined, hopefully not shifting to 2025. In the meantime, the team has decided to open a Third Closed Playtest for interested players.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown night shot district


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