Street Fighter 5 Character Costumes, Game Modes and Many More!

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The wait is finally over as Street Fighter 5 is due to be out next week. Before the actual official launch, the people at Capcom has given us another wonderful announcement. This was taken from a special pre-launch event in Japan and it talked about the character story mode costumes as well as the other modes available in the game.

Character Story Mode

The character story mode shows the life of the characters as being revealed in the background also represented by different costumes that each character appears to be wearing. This mode will reveal the motivation of each character leading up to the fighters that they are now. You can enjoy a refreshing look in what each character used to be.

Here are some sample images for you:

sfv1 sfv2 sfv3 sfv4 sfv5Completing the characters’ story mode will enable you to unlock a story mode costume which you can purchase in the in-game store.

Other Modes

Two additional modes, which are the Survival Mode and the Challenge Mode were also explained.

Survival Mode – In this mode you are set to face the CPU with your health and EX gauges getting carried over to the next match. For every win, you gain points which you can use to purchase power ups. You have to be careful taking this on, though, as it affects your over-all score. Getting through higher levels rewards you with additional colors for your outfits as well as in-game titles.



Challenge Mode – This mode will have four categories which will also have some sub-modes. Here they are:

  • Battle Tips – A tutorial that lets you get the hang of everything in Street Fighter 5. It will also include content for all 16 characters and also sound advice for all levels of players (Available March 2016)
  • Trials – This will test your skills on how you can perfectly execute combos. This is available for all 16 characters. The combos also range from basic to pro.
  • Targets – You will be given daily goals to accomplish that rewards you with fight money, in-game titles and so much more.
  • Extra Battle – There are special CPU bosses that you can challenge that lets you earn in-game rewards once you defeat them. (Available after launch)

Other important stuff you need to know:

-Online battle lobbies supports 2 players upon launch and 8 player lobbies, as well as a spectator mode, will be patched in the future.

-PS3 Fight Sticks can be used for Street Fighter 5 upon official launch.

-Alex will be available to all players by March 2016.

Also check out the schedule for the DLC release dates. Something new will happen each month up until the month of September, cool huh?



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