Strange Brigade’s Launch Trailer Reveals Free Launch DLC

24 August 2018 at 14:54 in Gaming News with 1 comment
Strange Brigade  

Rebellion has just released a new trailer to celebrate the upcoming release of their supernatural co-op shooter, Strange Brigade. The trailer not only shows off some exciting gameplay, it also reveals a piece of DLC players will get for free at launch.

The trailer samples some of the different locations players will have to traverse while battling supernatural enemies such as ghosts, mummies and ghosts of mummies. It also shows off some of the dandy abilities players can use to deal with the hordes of creatures out to get them. You can check out the full trailer below:

As mentioned, gameplay wasn’t the only thing the trailer showed off. It actually announced a free DLC coming to the game at launch. That’s right, as soon as the game is released, players can get some free game content right away. Specifically, Rebellion will be giving away the Gentleman Explorer Pack DLC which adds Winston Bey as the fifth playable character. Here’s how the devs describe the character:

“Explorer, prospector, journalist, spy, diplomat, gentleman, traveller – Winston Bey’s adventures have taken him all over the world. His first real encounter with the supernatural was in India, where he took part in the hunt for a shape-shifting Rakshasa demon, but he didn’t meet the Brigade until central Australia, where he teamed up with them to survive the horrors awaiting for them in an underground city! An adept addition to the team, his extensive travels have blessed him with a tough constitution befitting his mileage, as well as a wider soul gather radius.”

The DLC being free is a limited-time offer however. The trailer shows that Bey will be free for all players “for a limited time before and after launch”. The extra character will also require additional download.

Strange Brigade is set to launch on August 28th on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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