Steam: Valve Introduces “Add to Library” Button

25 August 2022 at 19:05 in Gaming News with no comments

Valve has introduced a new “Add to Library” button on Steam, making it easier to claim DLC and free games.

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Steam gets new "Add to Library " Button  

Valve Adds New “Add to Library” Feature on Steam


Valve has quietly introduced a new feature to its Steam app, allowing you to add DLC and games to your library without installing them first.

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The new “Add to Library” button on Steam will add a game to your games’ library without you having to press the “Play Now” button.

Although the new feature is not game-changing, it will save you a little time and effort when claiming free games and DLC.

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Previously, if you wanted to claim a free game or DLC, you would need to click “Play Now” and cancel the installation process at the earliest opportunity.

Now, you can click on “Add to Library” and put the game or DLC in your Steam library for a later date.

Of course, the feature will not work for video games you need to buy, but at least you can now claim those free-to-play games much easier.




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